Morning headlines: Tuesday 12th March 2019

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Deputy Mayor highlights ‘honour’ crime culture

The Deputy Mayor of Helsinki Nasima Razmyar (SDP) has written in Ilta Sanomat newspaper this morning highlighting the serious issues of so-called ‘honour’ crime culture that exists in some Muslim communities. Her warnings that there should not be some sort of parallel culture in Finnish society, especially Helsinki, come after an asylum seeker from the Middle East stabbed his ex-wife. Police say he was trying to kill her, and while they’ve put out a Europe-wide arrest warrant for him, they also arrested his brother on suspicion of being complicit in the homicide plan. However, Razmyar, who is from Afghanistan and moved to Finland as an asylum seeker, also writes that “the vast majority of immigrants and asylum seekers understand what the new social integration means” says Razmyar, pointing out that only a tiny minority of people want to retain those old traditions of ‘honor’ crime culture when they come to Finland.

Helsinki man stabbed to death

Police in Helsinki’s North Haaga neighbourhood have arrested a man after a late night stabbing where one person was killed. It happened around 22:00 on Monday night, and when officers responded to the scene they found the victim already badly injured. He was taken to hospital but died from his injuries. A search of the neighbourhood uncovered the 25-year old suspect, who was already well known to police, according to Finnish newspapers.

Half of snowmobile deaths happen in Lapland

Snowmobile accidents last year left 11 people dead, with half those fatalities coming in Lapland. Other fatal accidents happened in North Karelia, Päijät-Häme, South Karelia and North Savo regions. Safety experts say driving a snowmobile can be tricky if you’re an inexperienced driver, or when the driver goes off-trail on unfamiliar terrain. Three of the snowmobile accidents last year were the result of drunk driving, according to the new figures released this morning.

PM in talks with Luxembourg counterpart

Caretaker Prime Minister Juha Sipilä (Centre) is meeting his counterpart from Luxembourg Xavier Bettel at Kesäranta today. The pair will have talks on Finland’s upcoming presidency of the European Union which starts in July. According to a statement from the PM’s office, during the presidency Finland plans to tackle the EU’s long-term budget, deepen EU security and defence policy and come up with more efficient action plans for tackling climate change. The last time the two Prime Ministers met was in Luxembourg March 2018.

Last day to apply for vocational education courses

The spring application for degree programmes in the field of vocational education and high school training ends today. So if you want to apply to start studying in autumn, today is the deadline. There are around 80,00 places available throughout the country: about half are vocational training degree programmes, and the rest in high schools. Successful candidates will hear the results by 13th June at the latest.

ICYMI: Rare wolf citing in Helsinki

Police in Helsinki called out the animal experts on Monday after a number of people spotted a large canine that looked like a wolf. Reports said the animal didn’t try to approach any humans where it seen in east Helsinki, and experts later confirmed to police that it was indeed a wolf. However it moved on out of the area after a few hours. Read more, and see a picture of the wolf at our story here.

Tuesday morning weather

It’s a sunny and bright start to Tuesday morning across much of the country, with the best sunshine in Lapland where temperatures range from -19C to -23C. Further south, some snow moves in, with Jyvaskyla and Central Finland; Tampere and Pirkanmaa; and Lappeenranta and the south east forecast for snow this morning. Elsewhere, expect temperatures in Vaasa around -6C; in Åland -3C; and in Helsinki and the capital city region temperatures hover around -5C on Tuesday morning.

Finnish Meteorological Institute forecast for Tuesday morning 12th March 2019 / Credit: FMI