Morning Headlines: Tuesday 12th June 2018

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Helsinki Police Shoot Armed Man

Police have shot an armed man in Helsinki. The incident happened just after 05:00 this morning in Ruskeasuo, a neighbourhood in the north west part of the capital. According to police they received a call that a man with a gun was seen in the street. When they responded, they tried talking to him but the situation escalated to the point where officers shot him. The gunman has been taken to hospital but his condition is not known. The Prosecutor General will appoint an investigating officer, which is the standard procedure following an officer-involved firearms incident.

Lappeenranta’s Bid For World Cup Business Stalls

The eastern city of Lappeenranta has seen its bid for World Cup business falter. Given the close proximity and good travel connections to St Petersburg which is one of the host cities for football games, Lappeenranta had hoped to cash in with charter flights landing at the airport, and tour operators able to offer package trips to Russia. However a deal with Visit Russia failed to produce results, no European countries were drawn to play matches in St Petersburg reducing the demand from fans, and St Petersburg airport has been able to cope with the demand for flight slots. The FIFA World Cup starts on Thursday with the opening match played in Moscow between hosts Russia and Saudi Arabia.

Four Injured In North Savo Crash

Four people are injured, two of them seriously, after an overnight car crash in North Savo region. Firefighters say there were two middle aged women, a younger woman, and a man in the car. Emergency services received an alert shortly after 04:00 to say the car had crashed off to the side of the road. When they arrived on the scene, they found one person out of the car, and the other three had to be cut free. Two of the occupants are said to seriously injured.

Paavo Väyrynen Returns To Parliament

Veteran Lapland politician Paavo Väyrynen returns to parliament today to take up a seat he left behind when he went to be an MEP in Brussels. Väyrynen, who was chairman of the Centre Party for many years, and has been a politician since the early 1970s, has now resigned from the Centre Party and plans to establish his own group in parliament. Väyrynen had a failed bid earlier this year to be President of Finland, but he did better than the official Centre Party candidate. His return to front line politics displaces MP Mikko Kärnä who had taken Väyrynen’s constituency seat, but now has to step aside and allow him to represent his Lapland voters.

Tuesday Morning Weather

There was some much-needed rainfall overnight in the south and east of the country, but meteorologist Nina Karusto from the Finnish Meteorological Institute says it wasn’t enough to make much of an impact on drought conditions. She says at least 10mm is needed to help counter the effects of a month of dry weather and hot temperatures. Tuesday morning starts cloudy and damp in many parts of the country, with the best of the sunshine in Central Finland, and lingering showers in the north west.

Finnish Meteorological Institute forecast for Tuesday morning 12th June 2018 / Credit: FMI