Morning headlines: Tuesday 11th September 2018

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Court appeal for Isis suspects

The Court of Appeals in Turku is set to hear the case of two Iraqi brothers accused of killing people in an Isis massacre. The men arrived to claim asylum in Finland in autumn 2015 and were accused of an aggravated war crime in connection with a massacre at Camp Speicher near Tikrit Iraq during 2014. According to the prosecution, at least 11 people were killed and the main evidence is a video which purportedly shows one of the brothers shooting a man on the ground. Pirkanmaa court already dismissed charges against the men in May 2017 but the Deputy Prosecutor General appealed the District Court’s judgment to the Turku Court of Appeal. The brothers deny they appear in the video, and say they weren’t even in Tikrit at the time of the massacre.

Uneaten school meals

Is your child eating all of their lunch at school? A new study by the National Institute of Health and Wellness THL finds that many children don’t eat everything on their plate. A balanced nutritious meal consisting of protein, carbs and vegetables or salad should account for about a third of a child’s daily energy intake – but only if they eat it all. The THL study finds 7% of sixth grade girls and 12% of sixth grade boys eat everything they’re supposed to, in the right quantities, to meet the balanced nutrition requirement. Some of the most-skipped items include salad, milks and bread. Boys eat less vegetables than girls, with lettuce said to be particularly unpopular.

Finland takes on Estonia

The Finnish men’s national football team are playing something of a local derby tonight, as they take on Estonia in Turku. It’s the second game for the Eagle Owls – or Huuhkajat in Finnish – in the new UEFA Nations League format which sees teams play other teams at a similar level. Finland got off to a flying start in the competition with a 1-0 victory over Hungary in Tampere last weekend. Estonia were beaten at home by Greece. The competition could be a path for Finland to qualify for the Euro 2020 tournament.

Tuesday morning weather

The weather has taken a turn for the worse across the whole of Finland this morning. Temperatures are still a little bit warmer than usual for this time of year but there’s a lot of rain around. Some parts of the country were braced for overnight flooding with strong offshore winds as well. There’s rain in the south, south west and into Lapland. Fog in the eastern border. And lots of cloud cover through central Finland as well. The best of the sunshine on Tuesday morning is in the far north and down the western coast from Oulu to Vaasa. Temperatures are in double digits pretty much everywhere ranging from +11°C in Lapland to +18° in the south.

Finnish meteorological institute forecast for Tuesday morning 11th November 2018 / Credit: FMI