Morning Headlines: Tuesday 10th April 2018

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Construction Company Makes 120 Redundancies

Construction company YIT announced this morning it will make 120 people unemployed in Finland after a negotiation process. The background is a merger between YIT and another construction company Lemminkäinen which took place in February. The restructuring of the new company resulted in job losses. There’s another 200 YIT job cuts mainly in Russia, although the company has operations in Scandinavia, the Baltic countries, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Poland.

Chemical Clean-Up Hits Train Services

Passengers in east Finland going to Mäntyharju should prepare for delays this morning and the rest of the week as well. That’s after a chemical spill, when a toxic substance leaked from a freight wagon. The replacement bus service is expected to last for the rest of the week as well. Today, results are expected from tests on nearby ponds to see if the chemical leak has spread into local water systems.

Editors Call For More Legal Protection For Journalists

More than 80 editors-in-chief of Finnish newspapers and television channels have called for improved legal protection for journalists due to increased levels of harassment and threats that journalists receive in the course of their work. The letter says there are not adequate legal protections in place to respond to the rising amount of threats and online abuse that journalists get. Editors appeal to parliament to review existing case law, with a view to improving it.

Europe Strikes Hit Finnish Flights

Strikes in France and Germany are affecting some flights to Finland today. In Germany, stoppages by airport workers mean cancellations and delays in Frankfurt, Munich, Cologne and Bremen. German airline Lufghansa will cancel more than half of its flights. In France, Air France workers are also striking and the company has announced that up to 25% of flights today are canceled.

Tuesday Morning Weather

After an overnight dusting of fresh snow in the capital city region, expect bright sunshine for the rest of the morning. The Finnish Meteorological Institute FMI forecasts sunshine across the rest of the country too, although there will be some cloud in the east, in Central Finland, and parts of Lapland as well. As for temperatures, the south and south west can expect temperatures above zero. It drops to -3°C further north towards Lapland, and parts of the far north will see morning temperatures as low as -11°C.