Morning Headlines: Thursday 7th September 2017

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Russia’s Military Buildup – Zapad Explained

Russia’s military is preparing for its biggest ever post-Cold War exercise, and it’s happening in Finland’s back yard next week. Thousands of troops, aircraft, ships and weapons being deployed across the Baltic and High North. So should we be worried? Three experts in Finland say yes. And no. And something in between. Read more in our original story as we decode Russia’s Zapad military build-up.

Nordea Reaction

There’s been mixed reactions across the Nordic region to Nordea’s decision to switch its corporate headquarters from Stockholm to Helsinki. Read our story here about the announcement. This morning, the largest financial group in the Nordics will hold a press conference to explain their decision. Watch it live at 0900 at this webcast:¬†

Politics Latest

Parliament got back to work this week, and there’s a new poll by state-funded broadcaster YLE showing the current state of political parties. Support for the populist Finns Party is up 1.5% to 10.3%; and the Green Alliance share of support also creeps up slightly to 17.8%. Still, the most popular party in Finland is the National Coalition Party at 20.8% – unchanged from the previous YLE poll. But the Centre Party and Social Democrats has continued to drop. They’re in third and fourth place in this latest survey.

Newspaper Delivery Strikes

Did you miss your morning paper ? Delivery services are on strike in the capital city region, with the aim of speeding up labour negotiations. The strike continues all day Thursday. Unions are protesting threats to cut salaries of the people who deliver your newspapers.

Another Eurobasket Win for Finns

The Finnish men’s basketball team is on its way to Istanbul this morning, after notching up another victory in the Eurobasket tournament. They beat Iceland last night 83-79 in Helsinki. Charter flights depart at 08:00 taking Susijengi – Wolfpack – to a next round game against Italy. Read more about last night’s come-from-behind win at our story here.

Thursday Morning Weather

The weather across most of the country starts off chilly and partly cloudy this morning, according to the Finnish Meteorological Institute FMI. In the south, temperatures will just make it into double digits, but the further north you go the cooler it will feel, with the mercury dipping down to freezing in southern Lapland along the Arctic Circle.