Morning headlines: Thursday 6th February 2020

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PM in Brussels to discuss EU budget 

Prime Minister Sanna Marin (SDP) is in Brussels today for talks with the President of the European Council Charles Michel about the EU’s long term budget. The meeting is part of a series of talks Michel is having one-on-one with the EU’s national leaders to figure out how to reach agreement on the budget. The whole process culminates two weeks from now when EU leaders meet for a special summit to try and agree the whole budget from 2021-2027.

Parliament considers prosecuting Finns Party MP

Parliament is considering today the prosecution of one of its own – MP Juha Mäenpää (Finns). In January the Prosecutor General said he wanted to charge the politician with inciting hatred towards an ethnic group after Mäenpää used a June 2019 debate in the chamber to say that asylum seekers were like an “invasive species”. Mäenpää has claimed this was a spontaneous remark and doesn’t rise to the level of criminal hate speech and it will take the agreement of five-sixths of MPs to bring a successful Parliamentary prosecution against him.

Appeal Court hears Axl Smith judge case

The Appeal Court in Helsinki will hear the case of a judge who was convicted and fined for failing to protect the names of sexual abuse victims of entertainer Axl Smith which became known to journalists. During Axl Smith’s trial, the judge had ordered the names of the victims to be kept secret due to the sensitive nature of the case, and in defence the judge’s lawyers say it was down to simple human error that their names were not fully redacted from the 150-page judgment he wrote.

Sámi National Day celebrated across the region

Finland celebrates Sámi National Day today. It was first celebrated in 1992, and became an official fixture in Finland in 2004. The day commemorates the first Nordic Sámi parliament meeting held 103 years ago in Norway. You’ll see Sámi flags flying, and various cultural events taking place.

Museum visitors set new record

The number of people visiting museums in Finland continues to grow, and in 2019 reached a new high. According to new figures from the National Board of Antiquities, around 7.6 million visits were made to professionally-run museums last year. The number is up more than half a million from the year before. The top five most popular museums are all located in Helsinki but smaller museums like the Sámi Museum Siida in Inari also set its own record with close to 49,000 visitors last year. “Museums talk about culture, especially about humaniuty. The world is unstable and fragmented, but museums are stable” says Museum Director Sari Valkonen. Read more at our story here.

Thursday morning weather

It’s a bright and clear start to Thursday morning for most of the country with sunshine and cold temperatures everywhere from the south coast all the way up to Oulu. Temperatures range from -5°C in the capital city region to -6°C in Vaasa, -10°C through central areas, -13°C on the eastern border and -6°C in Oulu. Across Lapland temperatures drop a bit colder down to -15°C and some snow in the forecast for the far north west this morning.

Finnish Meteorological Institute forecast for Thursday morning 6th February 2020 / Credit: FMI