Morning Headlines: Thursday 4th January 2018

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Banking Strike

Finnish financial workers are starting a two-day strike today, after talks with mediators broke down. The disagreement is about weekend working. National Conciliator Minna Helle who has been leading the talks between employers and unions wrote on Twitter that there was “deadlock” and now the planned strike would go ahead. In practice, it means most bank branches all over Finland are closed for business – including Nordea, OP, Aktia and Danske Bank. However, banks say the will try to ensure online banking, card services, payments and cash machines should work as normal.

Two Killed In Early Morning Crash

Two people have been killed in an early morning car crash involving an SUV. It happened at Pedersöre in northwest Finland, between Vaasa and Kokkola. The first accident reports came in just after 06:00 and rescue crews spent several hours on the scene. Only one vehicle was involved in the crash.

President Koivisto’s Memorial

The government has announced a competition to design a memorial for former Finnish President Mauno Koivisto, who died in 2017. The competition is open to Finnish artists, and foreign artists who are resident in Finland, with brief to come up with a design for the grave in Hietaniemi CemeteryThe competition winner will receive €10,000 and see their design in place at the cemetery in time for Koivisto’s birthday on 25th November this year. The panel of judges includes representatives from the art world, government, the church, and Koivisto’s family.

Thursday Morning Weather

We’re back to cold temperatures in the north of Lapland this morning, according to the Finnish Meteorological Institute FMI. In some parts of north west Lapland the temperatures drop down to -17°C at the start of Thursday. Other parts of Lapland will see temperatures well below zero. The colder snap continues into most of Central Finland where it stays around freezing, with snow forecast this morning in the centre, west coast and eastern border areas. In the southwest and capital city region again expect temperatures a few degrees above zero with cloud cover.