Morning Headlines: Thursday 30th August 2018

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Latest Political Opinion Polls

A new opinion poll from Alma Media show a slight rise in support again for the Social Democrats. The new figures out this morning show the SDP on 21.9% – up by 1.7% from Alma’s previous opinion poll back in June. In second place is the National Coalition Party with 19.8%. Prime Minister Sipilä’s Centre Party is in third place with 15% closely followed by the Greens just a couple of percentage points adrift. The Social Democrats have likely been boosted by the government coalition’s in-fighting about how to reform social and healthcare services. However, the poll was conducted before the current budget talks were completed, and that could have an impact on how the coalition government is perceived by voters.

Macron’s Visit Continues

French President Emmanuel Macron continues his second day visiting Finland. He’s having talks with President Sauli Niinistö, paying a visit to Aalto University in Espoo to learn more about Finland’s innovation culture, and then having a working lunch with Prime Minister Juha Sipilä (Centre) where the EU is on the agenda. He’ll also lay a wreath at Heitaniemi Cemetery. At an official dinner on Wednesday evening, President Niinistö said “I have often posed the question: what is a union that does not guarantee the security of its citizens? The EU must assume more responsibility for this in the future”. Niinistö said that Finland and France will issue a joint statement on European defence today, and that he consider’s Macron’s European Intervention Initiative to be “an important part of this development”. First ladies Brigitte Macron and Jenni Haukio will visit Helsinki’s soon-to-be-opened children’s hospital, and take a trip to Suomenlinna. Read more about the reason’s for Emmanuel Macron’s visit to Finland and Denmark this week in our original story here. Watch our video coverage of his arrival ceremony at the Presidential Palace on Facebook here. 

Sunday Grocery Visits

Are you doing your grocery shopping on Sundays? You’re not alone. New data from two of the biggest retailers K Group and S Group finds that Sunday are becoming a more popular day to shop, since deregulation meant that more supermarkets could open on Sundays. According to the retailers Sundays are catching up quickly to week days, in terms of the number of people visiting the stores and the volume of sales. However, 24 hour shopping isn’t such a big hit. Only a handful of supermarkets in Finland are open around the clock. For example S Group has 48 stores that never close, and most of them are located at ABC petrol stations. The rules on when supermarkets could do business was relaxed at the start of 2016.

Thursday Morning Weather

It’s another split picture for the weather on Thursday morning. The best sunshine will be in the north of the country in Lapland and along the west coast down from Oulu through Vaasa, Pori, Turku and the south west. Temperatures range from +13° in Lapland to +10°C in Åland. Meanwhile in the captial city region, parts of central Finland and the south east border region expect a cloudy start to the day with temperatures slightly warmer at +14°C.

Finnish Meteorological Institute forecast for Thursday morning 30th August / Credit: FMI