Morning headlines: Thursday 2nd January 2020

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Tech industry gender pay gap

A new report finds that there’s a 5% pay gap between men and women who work in the tech industry in Finland. The information was compiled by TEK, the largest organisation for academic engineers and architects in Finland, which promotes the Finnish science and technology industry. The organisation has 70,000 members. According to the study the pay gap between men and women starts to develop at age 35 so that women’s pay is systematically lower than men’s pay. TEK says at least in part this is likely to be related to the fact that men progress more often, and faster, to middle management positions than women.

No rush for municipality mergers

Municipalities are in no rush to merge, even if it makes financial sense for them to do so. There are 310 municipalities in Finland, down from 431 since 2007, but Uutissuomalainen reports there are only a couple of areas in the country where municipalities are currently looking at their merger options – even though many municipalities are suffering from financial strains. Researchers say there are benefits to merging, especially as the government’s proposed reforms to social and healthcare would take up a significant part of municipalities’ statutory duties and costs. “Municipalities could then have better chances to cope with their obligations” if they merged, Uutissuomalainen quotes one researcher as saying.

Samsung & Apple top Finland’s  best selling phones list

Mobile phones from Samsung and Apple are the most popular phone brands in Finland, judging by the numbers of handsets sold by Elisa, Telia and DNA during 2019. At Elisa the Samsung Galaxy A50 and A10 were their most popular models with the Honor 7S in 3rd place and Apple’s iPhone 8 in 4th. Meanwhile DNA sold Samsung Galaxy A50, followed by the A40 and Apple’s iPhone 7 and 8. Telia’s biggest seller was also the Galaxy A10, with iPhone 8 in 2nd place and the Galaxy A50 and A40 rounding out their list. According to Telia sales of smart watches doubled in Finland during 2010 with almost 250,000 units sold.

Thursday morning weather 

It’s a very mild Thursday morning across almost the whole country, with temperatures falling below freezing only in northern parts of Lapland. There’s plenty of cloud cover around this morning with the best of the sunshine to be found in the south and southeast as the day goes on. Expect rain in Ostrobothnia as well.

Finnish Meteorological Institute forecast for Thursday morning 2nd January 2020 / Credit: FMI