Morning headlines: Thursday 28th March 2019

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Newspaper: ‘Putin’s motorbike gang’ spreads to Finland

Iltalehti newspaper says it’s received confirmation from police sources that the Night Wolves, known as ‘Putin’s motorbike gang’ have set up their first chapter in Finland. According to the daily, the Finnish branch is called RMI – Russki Motorsiklisty Internatsional – and was founded in Forssa with an estimated ten gang members. Know for supporting Russian President Vladimir Putin, the Night Wolves have spread from Russia into Europe in recent years, with their European headquarters based in Slovakia. The Night Wolves were added to a US sanctions list in 2014 over the gang’s involvement in the illegal invasion and annexation of Crimea, and conflict in eastern Ukraine. According to the US Treasury Department, Night Wolves members also participated in criminal activities against the Ukranian government.

Police siege in east Helsinki is over

An armed siege in east Helsinki has been brought to an end without any injuries in the early hours of this morning. It began on Wednesday evening in Vesala, and police say they detained one person, after an incident at a home. Officers closed the surrounding roads to traffic as the operation unfolded, as they believed the person inside was armed. Police say they negotiated with their suspect, and they’re now looking at charges of resisting arrest and firearms offenses. Helsinki Police are expected to release more information about the incident this morning.

New carbon neutral baby box released today

The 2019 version of Finland’s popular baby box is being released today, and this time it will be carbon neutral. Kela, which coordinates the contents and distribution of the baby boxes, came under criticism last year when an investigation by Finnwatch a dozen items in the baby box were made in sweatshops in Asia, or connected to manufacturers who exploited workers including children. However, the lead time for sourcing items to the baby box is so long that changes to the contents as a results of the investigation will be seen in future years.

Satisfaction with pharmacies remains high

Four out of five people think there are enough pharmacies in Finland; while nine out of ten people are satisfied with pharmacies in general, and their latest pharmacy visit. That’s the findings of a new survey out this morning by the Finnish Pharmacy Service. Customers are happiest with professionalism and expertise of pharmacy staff; but not so happy with high prices, slow service or queuing. In general, the survey found that women are more happy with pharmacy services than men. The research was carried out by Taloustutkimus in January, with more than a thousand people taking part.

Thursday morning weather

It’s a more mild start to the day and meteorologists are forecasting temperatures up to +10C for the coming days as we head into the weekend. The best of the sunshine can be found in the south, south east, and up through Pirkanmaa into Central Finland on Thursday morning. There’s more cloud cover the further north you go, and even the chance of wet snow in the far north of Lapland. Temperatures range from -2C in Rovaniemi to +3C in Hanko this morning.

Finnish Meteorological Institute forecast for Thursday morning 28th March 2019 / Credit: FMI