Morning headlines: Thursday 27th December 2018

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Fireworks sales begin

The annual sale of fireworks starts today, ahead of New Year’s Eve celebrations. They’re on sale in locations including supermarkets, and supervised by the fire brigade. However a new citizen’s initiative calls for fireworks to be completely banned in Finland and it’s already attracted more than 20,000 signatures in a few weeks – it would need 50,000 names to be taken up by parliament. The initiative was launched by groups aiming to reduce the stress and injuries which can be caused by fireworks. In Helsinki the K-Supermarket at Redi shopping centre has announced it won’t sell any fireworks this year because the loud noises frighten animals.

Four cars burned in Pukinmäki

Four cars caught fire in Helsinki’s Pukinmäki neighbourhood this morning. Fire fighters received a call just before 08:00 and found that two vehicles were completely destroyed, while they other two suffered damage in the blaze. The four vehicles were parked in a row next to a large parking garage and officials says the possible cause of the blaze could have been an engine block heater in one of the cars, based on the way the flames spread from one vehicle to the next.

Erkki Liikanen could be next Euro Bank chief

The Financial Times newspaper is reporting that former President of the Bank of Finland Erkki Liikanen is the leading candidate – but not the only candidate – to be elected as the head of the European Central Bank. The current bank boss is due to leave in October after eight years in office. The FT surveyed 24 leading economists and eight of them said the Finn was their favourite for the job – but seven named another candidate as their favourite.

Finns turn Christmas ham fat into fuel

Households all across Finland have a pretty good idea of what to do with Christmas leftovers – they’re having the ham fat converted to renewable fuel. A surprising number of Finns are collecting the fat from the cooked Christmas ham, and dropping it off at collection points. From there, it’s taken to a Neste refinery for processing into a fuel called ‘MY Renewable Diesel’. The waste fat contained in an average-size ham produces enough fuel for a 2.9 kilometre car journey, and after Christmas 2018 there was enough fuel produced from Finnish fat to drive a car almost 650,000 kilometres. Read more at our article here.

Thursday morning weather

It’s a mixed weather picture for Thursday morning with snow, sleet, and fog in different parts of the country. Across Lapland temperatures range from -8°C to -14°C with snow forecast. Moving further south there’s fog in the Oulu area, and more snow forecast for central Finland with temperatures around -6°C. As the temperatures warm up to freezing or just above zero there’s sleet or hail in Tampere, and some snow forecast for the capital city region as well – with more fog in the south east around Lappeenranta.

Finnish Meteorological Institute forecast for Thursday morning 27th December 2018 / Credit: FMI