Morning headlines: Thursday 21st November 2019

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Supreme Court upholds Talvivaara convictions

Finland’s Supreme Court has upheld environmental convictions for the owner of Talvivaara mine. Pekka Perä was previously convicted for gross environmental damaged caused by chemicals which leaked from the mining operation into nearby bodies of water. In March 2018 a court found the company’s management to be liable for the damage to the environment and Perä was sentenced to probation and fines. He appealed that conviction but on Thursday morning the Supreme Court ruled against him.

Discrimination case begins for Alma Media bosses

The CEO and Chief Human Resources Officer of Finnish publishing giant Alma Media are in court in Pirkanmaa today accused of discriminating against a female applicant for a job. Päivi Anttikoski, who is currently the head of communications for the Finnish government, says that she applied for the position of editor-in-chief of Aamulehti newspaper in Tampere but didn’t get the job. Anttikoski alleges that Alma Media’s CEO Kai Telanne said her son shouldn’t be without his mother if she worked in Tampere during the week and lives in Helsinki on the weekend with her family. Telanne was previously fined thousands of euros by a court for discriminating against another female employee because of her sexual orientation.

Slush starts today in Helsinki

The annual technology expo Slush begins in Helsinki today and continues on Friday. The event brings together more than 20,000 startup entrepreneurs, tech experts, investors and big international corporations to Helsinki’s Convention Centre. There are also many side events going on this week as off-shoots to the main Slush show.

Language teacher of the year named 

The Finnish Association of Language Teachers SUKOL has named Olli-Pekka Lindgren from the University of Turku as the recipient of their annual award for Language Teacher of the Year. Lindgren teaches Spanish and Swedish and was described as “inspiring and motivating” as well as “empathic and funny” by the award committee. SUKOL aims to highlight the importance of language and cultural education with the annual award.

Thursday morning weather 

It’s another fairly mild start to the day for the time of year, temperatures range from +7°C in Åland to +2°C in Oulu on Thursday morning. There’s cloud cover across the whole country so don’t expect to see any sunshine!

Finnish Meteorological Institute forecast for Thursday morning 21st November 2019 / Credit: FMI