Morning headlines: Thursday 20th September 2018


Soini censure would mean the ‘fall of the government’

Blue Reform Party leader Sampo Terho says this morning that a successful vote of no confidence against foreign minister Timo Soini will bring down the government. He was speaking to MTV’s Good Morning Finland programme. On Friday, members of parliament will vote in a no confidence motion brought by members of the opposition, after numerous controversial comments that Soini has made about abortion. Soini says his views are private, but this week the Chancellor of Justice issued a report which says Soini it’s “problematic” when Soini is on official business and attends any anti-abortion events, as he did in Canada earlier this year. In those instances, the Chancellor of Justice says, then yes, Soini’s religious freedom rights can be suspended when there’s a chance that Finland’s policies on abortion could be confused with Soini’s own personal views.

PM continues at EU Brexit summit

Prime Minister Juha Sipilä continues the second day of talks in the Austrian city of Salzburg with other EU leaders. On the agenda today, Britain’s exit from the European Union, known as Brexit. It is understood the two side are still far apart in terms of what Britain’s future relationship with the EU might look like. The Finnish government says in a statement that “it is important to finalise the UK withdrawal agreement and to bring it into force […] so far, little progress has been made in the initial talks on the future relationship”.


File picture of Redi shopping centre in Helsinki / Credit: News Now Finland

New shopping centre open

The capital city region has seen a boom in shopping centre expansions in the last few years, with extra retail space opening up at Itä-keskus, Iso Omena, and several other malls. Today, another brand new shopping centre opens. Redi at Kalasatama is part of the neighbourhood’s redevelopment, with more more homes, offices and tall buildings coming in the next few years. The new Redi mall has many of the same shops and restaurants you’ll find at other Finnish malls, and something you don’t usually find: an indoor, vertical skydiving tunnel! Watch our LIVE broadcast of the opening day on Facebook: LIVE: It’s the opening day at Redi shopping centre at Kalasatama in #Helsinki. Join our live tour of the mall at our Facebook page here:

Bear killed in train accident

Police in eastern Finland say a bear was killed by a train. It happened around midnight last night, and officials say the animal was badly injured and had to be put down after it was discovered. It’s the second tragic incident in as many weeks. Another female bear and her cub were killed by a train just last week also in eastern Finland. At this time of year, Finland’s bear population are gorging on food, trying to fill themselves up to prepare for the long winter hibernation period ahead.

Thursday morning weather

It’s another mixed start to the morning across Finland. Some rain for the Kilpisjärvi region the far north west. There’s plenty of cloud cover over Lapland as well with temperatures ranging from +6°C to +12°C this morning. In central Finland the temperatures are a few degrees warmer and there’s a chance of sunshine peeking out from behind the clouds. Down the west coast, expect some rain and strong winds as well blowing from the sea. It’s sunny in the south west and capital city region with a temperature high of +16°C in Åland to start the day.

Finnish Meteorological Institute forecast for Thursday morning 20th September 2018 / Credit: FMI