Morning headlines: Thursday 18th July 2019

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EU ministers meet on Mediterranean migrant crisis, hybrid threats

Finland’s Interior Minister Maria Ohisalo (Green) is chairing a meeting of her EU counterparts in Helsinki today. On the agenda – how to handle the continued flow of migrants making the dangerous journey across the Mediterranean to try and reach Europe. Minister Ohisalo described the situation as “critical” and said “we cannot allow anyone to drown in the Mediterranean sea”.  Thousands of people have died trying to get across in recent years, and today ministers will look at cooperation between EU countries and third countries, a common European asylum system and on returns policies. Also on the agenda today is hybrid threats. “The EU plays a key role in the security of everyday life of citizens, and we will be discussing on the operational cooperation between law enforcement authorities such as police and border authorities” Ohisalo told reporters when she arrived at Finlandia Hall this morning.

One person dead after Thursday morning car crash 

One person is reported dead and three others injured in a crash on Thursday morning. The accident happened around 07:00 near Kustavi in south west Finland when a passenger car with four people in it went off the road. Police say they’ll release more information during the course of the day about what happened.

Finnair flight fault sparks airport alert 

A Finnair flight with a technical fault sparked a major alert at Helsinki Airport on Wednesday evening. It happened around 23:00 when the flight from Frankfurt approached for landing and there was a problem with the aircraft’s undercarriage. AY1416 had 166 passengers and crew on board and airport rescue services were scrambled to the runway in case of an emergency landing. However, the flight was able to land without incident in the end, and has now gone for a maintenance inspection with Finnair engineers to determine exactly what the issue was.

Big rise in fishing license sales profits 

There’s been an increase in the amount of money raised from the sale of fishing licenses sold so far this year, raking in €7 million so far. By the end of June around 170,000 licenses had been sold – a mixture of annual licenses, daily and weekly licenses for a total of €6.974 million according to forestry and lake management agency Metsähallitus. In the past, total fishing license sales have peaked at €9 million but this year the figure is expected to be overtaken. According to the Fisheries Act, anyone aged 18 to 64 who wants to go fishing in Finnish waterways has to get a license. The cost is €45 for a whole year, €15 for a week and €6 per day license.

Thursday morning weather

It’s a mild start to Thursday morning all across the country, with temperatures in double digits from +13C in northern Lapland to +18C in Hanko in the south. There’s lots of sunshine in the forecast especially down the west coast, through Tampere, Turku, Åland, Uusimaa and into the south east as well. There’s cloud cover over parts of Lapland and in Central Finland where there’s also a chance of showers this morning. Meteorologists are forecasting temperatures up to +30C in parts of southern Finland in the coming days. Summer is here, again!

Finnish Meteorological Institute forecast for Thursday morning 18th July 2019 / Credit: FMI