Morning Headlines: Thursday 14th June 2018

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New Report On Treating Asylum Seekers

The Finnish Immigration Service Migri has released a new report today, on how to cope with any future influx of asylum seekers. The bottom line: Migri needs to get ready now, to be able to handle things more efficiently in the future. Some measures to implement could include simplifying registration procedures, and developing more automated analytics to keep track of applications and decisions. The new report also recommends centralizing asylum applications in just a few police stations across the country, which would become specialists in asylum matters. Applicants need to have better information of what is expected of them, what their rights and obligations are too, according to the new report.

Latest Political Poll

The Social Democrats have cemented their lead at the top of the opinion polls, according to the latest survey out this morning in Helsingin Sanomat newspaper. More than 2400 people were asked which party they would vote for, if parliamentary elections were held right now. Some 21.6% of people said they would choose SDP. In second place the National Coalition Party lost some support, dropping more than half a percentage point to 19.7%. The Centre Party is in third place with 15.8%. Just behind, the Greens are in fourth place, but lost support at 0.7%. The Gallup survey was carried out in May and June, and the margin of error is 2%.

Central Bank Leaders Meet

The leaders of eurozone central banks are meeting in Riga today. They’re discussing whether the European Central Bank will close its securities purchasing programme. Through the programme, the ECB has invested money into the eurozone economy so that inflation would rise to slightly under 2%. Now that eurozone wages have begun to rise, inflation should follow soon after, according to economists. This will be one of the last official trips for the Bank of Finland’s boss Erkki Liikanen, who steps down from the job this summer when his term of office expires, and he’ll be replaced by Olli Rehn.

Record Number Of New Citizens

A record number of people became Finnish citizens last year. That’s according to the latest figures from Statistics Finland released this morning. Some 12,219 foreigners got Finnish passports in 2017, which is up by 2844 from the previous year. The biggest number of new Finns came from Russia, Somalia, Iraq and Estonia. The average age of new citizens is 28, and the majority are women.

Thursday Morning Weather

It’s a very bright and sunny start to the day across most of the country. The best of the weather is in south east, central and coastal western part along the Gulf of Bothnia all the way north to Kemi. In the capital city region, and in Lapland, expect sunshine but with some cloud cover as well. Temperatures range from +15C in Helsinki to +9C in parts of east Lapland.


Finnish Meteorological Institute forecast for Thursday morning 14th June 2018 / Credit: FMI