Morning headlines: Thursday 13th June 2019

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Parliament procedure – confidence vote today 

The Finnish Parliament is set to hold a confidence vote in the programme and administration of the new Antti Rinne (SDP) government. The vote takes place at 14:00 and comes after the coalition government introduced its agenda to parliament earlier this week, and after debates in the chamber. While the opposition – in particular the National Coalition Party – has criticised the economic aspects of the government’s agenda, they hold a comfortable majority in parliament and are expected to easily win the vote.

Lahti cyber attack hits healthcare services

A cyber attack on the IT infrastructure of the City of Lahti is still causing problems. The attack happened on Monday afternoon when experts believe malware was uploaded to city employee computers. Today the city’s health care systems are still facing issues – information on patient records are not available, and laboratory blood test results and x-rays are not available – with no blood tests or x-rays able to be taken at health centres while the problem continues on computer systems. The city’s electronic prescription system is impacted as well.

Next Games partners with Netflix on new game 

Finnish gaming studio Next Games is partnering with American video streaming giant Netflix to launch a new game based on the hit TV show Stranger Things. The game will be released in 2020. Next Games’ CEO Teemu Huuhtanen describes Netflix as the company’s “dream partner” and thinks the deal will turn around the recent fortunes of the company which were hit by a loss earlier this year. The company is known for another one of its TV tie-ins, having already developed two games based on HBO’s The Walking Dead show.

Big drop in Nokia phone shipments

Shipments of Nokia-branded phones to European markets fell significantly in the first part of the year according to the latest figures. HMD Global has a license to develop and sell Nokia-branded smartphones but from January to March shipped 2.2 million phones to European markets, down from 3.3 million in the same period just a year before: a drop of 33%. But still, even with these lower numbers, HMD keeps its place as the 5th biggest smartphone company in Western, Centra and Eastern Europe according to the figures – behind Samsung, Huawei, Apple and Xiaomi.

Thursday morning weather

It’s a fairly similar start to Thursday morning, no matter where in Finland you are with sunshine and temperatures ranging from +12C to +14C.

Finnish Meteorological Institute forecast for Thursday morning 13th June 2019 / Credit: FMI