Morning Headlines: Thursday 10th May 2018

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Missing Helsinki Boy Found

A missing 11-year old boy in Helsinki has been found safe and well. Police announced his disappearance around midnight, after he failed to return home. This morning, police said he had been found safe and well, apparently spending the night at a friend’s place and forgetting to tell his family. The mother of the friend heard that police were looking for him, and she contacted authorities.

Shock Defeat For Lions

Finland’s Leijonat have suffered a shock defeat in the ice hockey World Championships. They crashed 3-2 against hosts Denmark last night. The Danes took the lead in the second period, with Finland equalizing in the third period. But Denmark snatched a victory with another goal in the final minutes to the delight of the home crowd. Finland had a run of three high scoring matches in their group B pool, with victories over Norway, Latvia and South Korea. The toughest games against Canada and USA are still to come.

Helsinki Overhauls Immigrant Education

Helsinki City Council is expected to approve an overhaul of its education provisions this month, to try and improve qualifications and opportunities for students with immigrant backgrounds. It comes as repeated studies show children with one or both immigrant parents consistently do less well at school than children with two parents born in Finland. The plan will focus on equality and language skills, to help children with immigrant backgrounds integrate more. Catch up on the details at our original story here.

Helatorstai Public Holiday

Finns celebrate the Helatorstai today with a public holiday. It marks 40 days since Easter in the Christian calendar. Public transport schedules are affected, and many stores are closed today. Check online for the latest information.

Thursday Morning Weather

It’s going to be a warm and sunny holiday today across the whole country according to the Finnish Meteorological Institute. Lapland will see temperatures up to +15C this morning while the rest of the country enjoys temperatures from +10C to +15C. Enjoy the nice weather!

Finnish Meteorological Institute forecast for Thursday morning 10th May 2018 / Credit: FMI