Morning headlines: Thursday 10th January 2019

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Immigrant journalist training course confronts its critics

A Finnish university’s plans to re-train immigrant journalists has attracted dozens of applicants for the spring course, and some critics as well. Last summer, Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences in Helsinki received a government grant of more than €86,000 to run the training, which will take immigrants with some previous journalism experience and teach them about how to work in that same profession in their new home. “There are immigrants in Finland who have used to work as a journalists in their own country, but they have not successfully managed, for one reason or another, to get work here. It is assumed that we can improve the situation with this training” says degree programme director Anne Leppäjärvi. The scheme has faced online criticism, but it’s something the school was ready for. Read more at our original story here.

Air Force leaders being prosecuted

Prosecutions have been brought against Air Force Commander Sampo Eskel and the former commander of the Karelia Air Force base Markus Päiviö. They’re accused of misuse of managerial positions, service offenses and defamation. The charges are related to an exercise held in Inari in September 2017, and the pre-trial investigation phase is underway. According to the Prosecutor General’s office, Päiviö has denied committing the crimes, as has Eskelinen. The Commander of the Finnish Defence Forces Jarmo Lindberg has been kept aware of the accusations since the end of September 2017.

New poll shows tightening political race
A new political opinion poll for public broadcaster YLE shows a tightening of the race at the top of the results. The results showed the Social Democrats still the leaders, as they have been for many months, with 21.2%. Next comes the National Coalition Party with 19.6% and the Prime Minister’s Centre Party adrift from the leaders at 16.1%. The Greens are in fourth place in 13.6%, down slightly after a bump when Pekka Haavisto took over the lead. A surprise surge came from the right wing Finns Party up two percentage points on 10.2%. A slump in support for the Swedish Peoples’ Party down 1.5% at 2.5% has been attributed by some online commentators already this morning as a sampling error.
Police investigate Turku shooting incident
Officers in south west Finland are investigating reports of gunfire in Perno on Wednesday evening. According to the police, they received a call around 21:30 about a shooting incident and several patrol cars were sent to the neighbourhood. Police say men with foreign backgrounds were involved in an incident where a gun was used, but nobody was hurt. The suspects’ homes were searched and five men have been arrested.

Thursday morning weather 

It’s a very cold morning in southern Lapland with temperatures down between -18°C and -21°C and snow forecast across the region. There’s snow forecast for central, eastern and south central parts of the country this morning as well, only the Ostrobothnia coast, south west and Uusimaa will miss the snowfall, and temperatures there start the day at -5°C.

Finnish Meteorological Institute forecast for Thursday 10th January 2019 / Credit: FMI