Morning headlines: Monday 9th December 2019

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Sanna Marin becomes Finland’s PM-in-waiting

The Social Democrats have nominated Tampere MP Sanna Marin as their candidate to be Finland’s prime minister. The 34-year old will become the country’s third female PM, and the youngest PM, when she passes a confirmatory vote in parliament in the next couple of days. “I am very proud. We have the youngest prime minister in the world, and also Finland leading and paving the way for gender equality with obviously the youngest female prime minister in the world” says Ville Skinnari, Minister of Development and Trade”. After ten days of political upheaval, the current coalition will stay in place, after the removal of former Prime Minister Antti Rinne last week. “We believe in the five-party coalition” says Centre Party parliamentary group leader Antti Kurvinen. Read more at our original story here.

Ministerial shuffle for SDP, Centre Party

The two largest parties in government have shuffled around their ministerial teams. In the Centre Party, leader Katri Kulmuni becomes Minister of Finance, while Mika Lintilä becomes Minister of Economic Affairs – they’ve basically just done a job swap. The three other Centre Party ministers keep the jobs they had previously. The Social Democrats have had a more extensive shuffle. Europe Minister Tytti Tuppurainen adds corporate governance to her portfolio; Sirpa Paatero who was forced to resign and go on sick leave just last week after her role in the damaging postal workers strike makes a remarkable political (and personal) recover to become Minister of Municipalities. Timo Harakka moves from Minister of Labour to becoming the new Minister of Transport and Communications; while Parliament Deputy Speaker Tuula Haatainen a former SDP presidential candidate, becomes Minister of Labour. There’s no change for Krista Kiuru as Minister of Family Affairs and Social Services, or for Ville Skinnari as Minister for Development Cooperation and Foreign Trade.

100,000 people go on strike today 

The largest strikes in recent years in Finland start today and continue until Wednesday. Up to 100,000 people are involved in industrial action which hits the technology and chemical industries, as well as sawmills and plywood factories. The impact of the strikes is seen mostly in the export industry with fuel production, some pharmaceutical companies, mines and some technology companies impacted as well. The dispute is over a new collective bargaining deal and demands for more money.

Watch out for bad driving conditions

There’s warnings for drivers on Monday about poor road conditions due to the weather. In addition to sleet, wet snow and rain there’s also going to be strong winds coming in from off-shore. Already this morning between 05:00 and 08:00 there were 11 road accidents reported in Ostrobothnia. “The most serious accident in the morning occurred in Kokkola, where a passenger car and a tank truck collided with one another on the Kajaanintie road at Siirilä. According to current information, one person was injured” says Ostrobothnia Police Department.

Monday morning weather

There’s a cold snap across Lapland, with the temperature dipping down to -18°C in Enontekiö on Monday morning – but for most of the country expect wet conditions at the start of the week. Where the temperatures hover around freezing in parts of Ostrobothnia and Central Finland expect the precipitation to fall as sleet or wet snow. But anywhere from Jyväskylä south – into Pori, Rauma, Tampere, Turku, the capital city region, Joensuu, Kuopio, Lappeenranta and into Kotka expect rain on Monday morning with temperatures ranging from -2°C in Vaasa to +7°C in Hanko.

Finnish Meteorological Institute forecast for Monday morning 9th December 2019 / Credit: FMI