Morning headlines: Monday 7th January 2019

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Levi hotel guests evacuated

Guests at a hotel in Levi were evacuated in the middle of the night as firefighters responded to an emergency call. It happened around 03:30 at the K5 Hotel on Kätkänrannantie in the popular ski resort. Rescue workers say someone left clothes drying on a sauna stove, causing a lot of smoke in the building. When they arrived, firefighters ordered hotel guests to leave for their own safety.

Savonlinna plane goes off the runway

A small plane ran out of runway tarmac this morning in Savonlinna. The Saab 34 model propeller aircraft was arriving at the regional airport on a transfer flight, and preparing for a scheduled departure to Helsinki. According to officials the plane was turning at the end of the runway but went too far off the end. There were only staff on board, no passengers, and no injuries are reported. The Safety Investigation Authority Otkes will begin a formal investigation into the circumstances of the accident.

Green agenda for next generation of parliament candidates

The spring general election is just over three months away on 14th April and campaigning is in full swing. Candidates from the four top parties in recent polls say that the environment and climate change is the number one issue they want to focus on during the election cycle. They also city social welfare, the economy, security and inclusion as other motivators. “We are misusing our resources. We just keep on consuming things. But as long as we keep pointing fingers saying whose fault it is, whose problem it is, I don’t think we as humans will achieve what we are supposed to achieve” says Husu Hussein, a Social Democrat candidate in Helsinki. Read what the other candidates have to say at our original story here.

New batch of conscripts begin training today

Some 12,500 Finns – mostly young men – start their conscript training today. Among the latest intake are 150 women who volunteered for military service. Most of the conscripts, around 10,000, will go to the army with 1700 going to the navy. The rest are divided among the Border Guard and the Air Force. First there’s a basic training period of eight weeks and then a service period up to one year.

Lux Festival lights up the winter darkness

The annual Lux Festival us underway in Helsinki, bringing art installations to light up some of the city’s best known buildings. The five day event, which runs from Saturday 5th January until Wednesday 9th January, has a core group of installations around the capital’s Töölönlahti neighbourhood: from Sanomatalo to the new Oodi Central Library, around Kansailastori, Finlandia Hall, Kiasma and Hakasalmi Villa. There’s also a dozen more light-art installations scattered around the city centre and outlying areas like the Swedish-Finnish Culture Centre Hanaholmen in Espoo. Around half a million visitors went to last year’s Lux Festival. Watch our video here and experience the magic of light in the darkness!

Monday morning weather

There’s a mixed picture for weather this morning across Finland. In Lapland temperatures are around -6°C to start the day, with cloud cover and some snow forecast in the north west around Kilpisjärvi area. Further south the temperatures warm up above zero, with fog in central Finland, and some snow forecast in the east around Joensuu. Along the Ostrobothnia coast, the south west and Turku, Tampere and Pirkanmaa, Helsinki and the capital city region expect temperatures up to +2°C this morning and cloudy skies making it seem darker than you would hope!

Finnish Meteorological Institute forecast for Monday morning 7th January 2019 / Credit: FMI