Morning headlines: Monday 6th May 2019

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Arctic Council Ministerial begins in Rovaniemi 

The Ministerial meeting of the Arctic Council begins today in Rovaniemi. The two day conference involves foreign ministers of the eight Arctic countries plus representatives from indigenous groups from the region. The meeting marks the end of Finland’s two-year Arctic Council chairmanship, which officials are at pains to say was a big success, but which in reality has been undermined by American and Russian domestic policy rhetoric and environmental heel-dragging. In particular, there are concerns over whether a final ‘Rovaniemi Declaration’ will be possible, as the Trump administration wants to avoid references to climate change or the Paris Agreement in a text that must be approved be all participants. So what – if anything – did Finland achieve in the last two years? Read more analysis at our original story here.

Government coalition talks continue today 

Social Democrat leader Antti Rinne is continuing his efforts to build a new coalition government with himself as Prime Minister. Today, he will continue bilateral meetings with representatives of the Greens, Left Alliance, Swedish People’s Party and National Coalition Party. On Sunday, he met with the Christian Democrats, Finns Party and Centre Party and said so far no party had dropped out from the running to be in the next government. Rinne thinks that by Tuesday evening a more clear picture will emerge of the makeup of a future coalition government… so watch this space…

Do you know your pension size? 

Only one-in-three Finns knows what sort of pension they’re going to get when they retire. That’s the findings of a new survey out this morning from pension insurance company Keva. The poll found 32% of those who had not yet retired knew what their pension would be, but 36% of people did not. The older the respondent, the more they knew about their future pension – in fact, 89% of people who responded to the survey aged over 60 knew about what money was coming their way after retirement.

Road warnings for Central Finland

There’s road warnings in place this morning for drivers in Central Finland, Southern Savo, Päijät-Häme, Kanta-Häme and Pirkanmaa according to the Finnish Meteorological Institute. Temperatures below zero and some weekend rain water left on the roads makes for slippery surfaces especially during the morning. There’s also foggy conditions through much of Central Finland around Jyväskylä at the start of Monday so extra care is required on the roads.

Monday morning weather 

It’s a bright and sunny start to the week in most parts of the country although the temperatures feel brisk on Monday morning. There’s sunshine across the north and southern parts of Lapland, but the chance of snow in central areas where temperatures dip just below freezing. The sunshine extends further south, but look out for fog in Central Finland in the Jyväskylä region, and cloud cover in Turku and the south west. Temperatures range from -1C in Lapland to +4C in Oulu, Vaasa and down the eastern border, and up to +6C in Hanko and Åland for Monday morning.

Finnish Meteorological Institute forecast for Monday morning 6th May 2019 / Credit: FMI