Morning headlines: Monday 4th March 2019

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Big in Japan: Moomins lead Finnish mobile gaming invasion

Finland’s most treasured cartoon characters are finding renewed fame and fortune in Japan, thanks to a surge in Moomin products entering the lucrative market. There’s a glossy television series and a Moomin theme park, but it’s a new mobile game that is spearheading the resurgence, as it connects the fantasy virtual world of Moomin Valley with real life game play – one part of a burgeoning scene for Finnish tech companies in the Land of the Rising Sun. In recent years there’s been a lot of interest in Finland’s mobile gaming companies in Japan, thanks in large part to the increased visibility generated by Slush Tokyo which was held again for the fifth year, at the end of February. Read more about Japan’s love for the Moomins and mobile game innovations at our original story here.

Police promise more information on Helsinki stabbings

Police in Helsinki have promised to give more information today on a stabbing that involved one male suspect, two other adults and three children. It happened on Sunday afternoon in the capital’s Haaga neighbourhood and this morning, police are still looking for the only suspect in the case, a 34-year old man. Read more at our story here.

Military exercises expanding this week

The Finnish Defence Forces are putting thousands of troops and hundreds of vehciles including tanks onto the streets of towns and cities as part of a war games exercise. The exercise began at the end of last week in Oulu, Kemi and some south west areas, but from today they’ll be expanding into parts of Tampere, Helsinki and Kouvola as well. Police and Rescue Department personnel are also involved in the training, which lasts until Friday.

Freezing temperatures and no water

The entire town of Taivalkoski in north east Finland is waking up this morning without water, as the town’s main water pipeline is broken. The local rescue department is trying to figure out how the pipe broke, and how long it might take to repair but the task is made more difficult due to extreme low temperatures, which were down to -25C overnight. Local authorities say they should have an update during the morning, meanwhile it means water shortages for local residents.

ICYMI: Finland selects climate change song for Eurovision

Finnish voters and a panel of international judges have selected a climate change anthem to represent the country at the Eurovision Song Contest in May. DJ and producer Darude teamed up with vocalist Sebastian Rejman to perform three potential Eurovision tracks in Turku on Saturday night. The victorious song is ‘Look Away’ and Rejman, who co-wrote the track, explains that he was compelled to pen the song during a trip to India, and the poverty, pollution and overcrowding he saw there. Read more at our story here.

Monday morning weather

It’s a cold, sunny and snow start to Monday morning, depending where in Finland you live. Parts of Lapland will see temperatures dip down between -14C and -22C, with some snow in the forecast in the far north of Lapland. There’s snow as well for many other parts of the country including Kemi, Kajaani, Jyväskylä, Kuopio, Joensuu, Tampere, Turku and the south west, Lappeeranta and the south east. Only the western coast from Oulu to Pori, and the capital city region will be without snow flurries on Monday morning. Temperatures range from -4C in Helsinki to -22C in north west Lapland.

Finnish Meteorological Institute forecast for Monday morning 4th March 2019 / Credit: FMI