Morning Headlines: Monday 4th June 2018

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Porvoo Murder Court Case

A French national appears in court today, accused of killing his three-year-old daughter in Porvoo last November. Court documents and pre-trial material will also be released today, which might reveal more information about a possible motive in the case. Prosecutors say the man snatched his daughter from her mother’s home, and took her to a school playground where he stabbed the girl multiple times. The child was airlifted to hospital but died of her injuries. The girl’s parents were involved in a custody dispute, and the mother had applied for a restraining order against the father; he was ordered to undergo psychiatric evaluations as part of the police pre-trial investigation. Police say an investigation into possible negligence on the part of local welfare services in handling the case did not find any wrongdoing.

Sote Discussions Continue This Week

Politicians will continue discussion reforms to the social and welfare system – or sote as it’s known in Finnish – in parliament. The Social Affairs and Health Committee will begin a series of meetings, while the coalition’s three parliamentary groups will also discuss the issue, and whether they accept a Constitutional Law Committee report from last week that asked for some changes to the bill going through parliament. A vote on whether to pass the reforms, which are the centerpiece of the government’s legislature, should be taken before the end of the current parliament in a few weeks. It is not clear if the government has enough support to win a vote, with several coalition MPs signaling that they will vote against the reform package as it currently stands.

EU Defence Cooperation Expanding

The EU’s new defence cooperation is expanding this year. Olli Ruutu, Deputy Managing Director of the European Defence Agency says projects dealing with permanent, structured cooperation between EU member states are progressing but that it’s still too early to evaluate them. So far 17 projects have been agreed, and Finland is taking part in three of them to do with software, military mobility and cyber security.

Defence Force Parade Today

The National Defence Forces Day parade will take place this year in Seinäjoki. Events begin at 09:00 with a wreath laying ceremony, and the parade itself begins at midday in Seinäjoki football stadium, and continues to the city centre. The parade will be reviewed by Finnish Defence Forces Commander Jarmo Lindberg. Fourth June was selected as the flag day for the Finnish military as it is the birthday of wartime leader and early Finnish President Mannerheim.

Monday Morning Weather

There’s a cooler start to the week, with rain forecast on Monday morning for most of Lapland. There’s plenty of cloud cover too for the rest of the country, with only the south east expecting bright sunshine first thing. Temperatures range from just +4C in north west Lapland to +14C this morning in the capital city region.

Finnish Meteorological Institute forecast for Monday morning 04.06.2018 / Credit: FMI