Morning headlines: Monday 4th February 2018

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Ski jumper Matti Nykänen dies 

Finnish ski jump legend, and four time Olympic champion, is dead at age 55. Widely considered one of the finest ski jump athletes of all time, Nykänen won five Olympic medals in total, nine World Championship medals and 22 Finnish championship medals. He’s the only ski jumper to win all five of the sport’s biggest events. But his life away from the ski jump was far from golden. Troubled by alcoholism, and plagued with legal run-ins that saw him serve prison time for spousal abuse and for violent assaults, Nykänen had trouble coping with fame and life after sports. He found moderate success as a pop singer, and performed as recently as Friday to an enthusiastic small crowd at a Helsinki restaurant. Nykänen is survived by his current wife and three children.

Say what? Decoding political party slogans 

With the general election getting closer, Finland’s political parties are sharpening their messages, promoting their manifesto pledges and unveiling their campaign slogans. So is there much value attached to the images, colours and words in campaign advertising, or is it just a rehash of the same old political clichés every few years? We asked expert Päivi Hovi-Wasastjerna, Docent of Digital Culture and a researcher in visual communications at Aalto University for her thoughts on the campaign launches of the National Coalition Party, Swedish People’s Party, Left Alliance and Social Democrats. Read her critique in our original story here.

20 people involved in bus and truck crash

Police in Helsinki say that a bus and truck have crashed this morning in the city’s Herroniemi district. According to officials there were 20 people in the vehicles at the time of the accident and some of them have been taken to hospital for check-ups. Police are now diverting traffic around the scene of the crash at Suolakivenkatu, while they clean up the damage, remove the vehicles, and investigate the cause of the accident.

ICYMI: Meet the Finn who’s baking for Britain

There’s a production line in progress at Janita Maaranen‘s home in South Yorkshire. When the amateur baker needs to produce a hundred Karelian pies, she can do it in just a few hours if she ropes her daughter in to help. The Mikkeli native has turned her hobby into a cottage industry, producing traditional Finnish baked goods, and shipping them all over the UK. And – pun intended – they’re selling like hot cakes! Read more about how Janita is baking for Britain at our original story here.

Monday morning weather

If you’re waking up in the north of Lapland this morning it’s -36°C outside with snow in the forecast. There’s snow across the region as well, with temperatures varying widely, and getting as warm as -14°C in southern Lapland with plenty of snowfall there too. Moving down to Central Finland there’s more snow in the forecast this morning and temperatures around -6°C in Jyväskylä. There’s snow in the south west and Turku region, but cloud cover for other parts of the capital city and south coast and temperatures around -4°C.

Finnish Meteorological Institute forecast for Monday morning 4th February 2019 / Credit: FMI