Morning Headlines: Monday 2nd October 2017

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New Hybrid War Centre Ceremony

VIP guests will be gathered in Helsinki this afternoon, for the official opening ceremony of a new European Centre of Excellence for Countering Hybrid Threats – or Hybrid CoE for short. The centre will study things like fake news, or how social media can be used to influence elections. But it’s already become a victim of a fake social media scam, even before it opened for business. Read more in our original story.

Reforms Ahead for University Entrance

Upcoming changes to the way high school students get into Finnish universities has been praised, but there are some concerns about implementation. By 2020, most students will be selected for university or polytechnic places on the basis of matriculation exams or vocational qualifications, not an entrance exam. Already by next year, entrance exams will have to change so that students don’t have to do so much extra preparation. According to a new survey by STT Finnish News Agency, universities say modernization of the current selection system is necessary, even if they’d rather not get rid of entrance exams completely.

New Public Services Website Not Popular

Public services in Finland have been brought together under the web service. But so far, people haven’t really been using it. The website is still under construction, but it’s intended to eventually be a one-stop-shop for citizen services. In July, the site had around 120,000 unique visitors, and has risen now to about 140,000. A specialist from the Population Register Centre admits this number is not overwhelming.


There’s a mild start to Monday morning across much of the southern half of the country, according to the Finnish Meteorological Institute FMI. Temperatures will be around +10°C in the capital city region and about +6°C in Central Finland but it will also be overcast, with rain in main places. In the northern part of Finland, Monday morning will begin cloudy with some scattered showers. Temperatures dip as low as +1°C in parts of Lapland.