Morning headlines: Monday 29th October 2018

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Overnight low temps in Lapland

The autumn got a whole lot colder for residents in Sodankylä where the temperature dropped down to -18.7°C overnight. The lowest cold temperature was recorded there just before 06:00 this morning. And it’s not much warmer in other parts of Lapland with Saariselkä shivering at -15°C; Kittilä had -16.5°C and Utsjoki hit -13°C. Further south it was also pretty cold, -8°C in Tampere this morning.

Customs reveals large drug bust in northern Finland

Finnish Customs officers have smashed what they believe to be an extensive import and distribution ring for drugs in northern Finland. Officials seized drugs worth €300,000. According to their investigations, a the suspect is a Finnish man who took advantage of his job at a courier company to order multiple shipments of narcotics with fake names and addresses, then intercepted them at his work. Customs officers snagged 1.6kg of amphetamines, 2kg of marijuana, 600g of MDMA and about 2500 ecstasy tablets. In addition, officials think the suspect made a lot of money from selling the drugs in northern Finland. The suspect is still in custody, and his trial will be prosecuted in Oulu.

Free flu vaccines begin

Many municipalities are starting free flu vaccines this week, even though only a few cases of seasonal flu have been reported so far during autumn. It can take up to two weeks for flu vaccines to start working, so advice from health officials is to get the free shot early, and not wait until other people start getting sick at home or at work! Flu viruses are constantly evolving and so that’s why it’s important to get a vaccination every year to help protect against the latest strain. In Finland, the worst flu period is usually between January and March, and free vaccinations are offered to at-risk groups including children, pregnant women, and people aged 65 or older. It’s also given to people in reception centres for migrants, and to military personnel.

VIDEO: Drag me to HEL

Drag performers have never been more visible. From sold-out review shows at Finlandia Hall, to the hit musical Kinky Boots on stage in Helsinki; to reality television shows, a new Netflix cartoon and your local bar or club, drag acts are captivating Finnish audiences. So what’s life like for Finnish drag performers? Meet Miss B, the alter ego of Miika Heikkinen, a make-up artist by day, but Finland’s fiercest drag queen by night. She explains that drag is becoming more mainstream and more professional in Finland. Watch more at our original video here.

Monday morning weather

It’s a cold start to Monday morning with temperatures below freezing pretty much across the whole country. The best of the sunshine is in the south, south west and capital city region with cloud cover and some snow forecast for Tampere, more cloud up into central Finland and then the coldest temperatures in Lapland.

Finnish Meteorological Institute forecast for Monday morning 29th October 2018 / Credit: FMI