Morning headlines: Monday 27th May 2019

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Finland wins third ice hockey World Championship title 

Finland beat Canada 3-1 in the Slovak capital Bratislava on Sunday evening to scoop their third World Championship gold. Two goals came from team captain Marko Anttila, before Harri Pesonen added one last in the third half to seal the victory. Goalkeeper Kevin Lankinen faced down 44 shots on goal but remained cool as ice in the face of the Canadian firepower. “It’s an amazing feeling” said Finnish player Jere Sallinen. “I don’t even know how we won; it’s unbelievable. We’re a pretty good hockey country. Maybe it’s a miracle on ice, something like that. Going back to Helsinki is going to be amazing. I think there’s a lot of people waiting there for us” he said. Read more about the winning game at our story here.

Partying in their pants – fans celebrate ice hockey victory 

Thousands and thousands of ice hockey fans took to the streets of Finland late Sunday celebrating the national team’s World Championship victory. From Pori to Hämeenlinna and Mikkeli – and more towns and cities – people converged on their local market squares to show their enthusiasm and excitement about the gold medal win. The biggest party was reserved for Helsinki where the Havis Amanda statue was the focal point for swimming, dancing, singing and chanting. Police estimate that 10,000 people showed up at the fountain! Watch the celebrations at our video here.

Greens see growth in European Parliament elections

Finland’s Greens have picked up one extra seat and grown their share of the vote by 6.7% to come second in the European Parliament elections. The National Coalition Party was always predicted to retain its three seats in Brussels, and they did that with 20.8% of the vote – the biggest percentage, but down slightly from the last EU election five years ago. With 100% of the votes counted, turnout was 42.7% which is up 3.6% from the last Euro elections. There were mixed fortunes for Finland’s other political parties, with the right wing Finns Party failing to capitalise on their April general election success, finishing 4th in the European Parliament election. Read more at our story here.

Finns buy more booze as alcohol sales increase 

Finns drank more alcohol last year, after alcohol sales laws were reformed according to new figures published today by the Health and Welfare Institute THL. It reverses a trend over the previous ten years that saw a decline in total booze consumption. Stronger beer, cider and long drinks are now on sale in supermarkets where sales increased, while state alcohol company Alko’s share of those drinks sales has fallen. During 2018 the volume of alcohol imported from abroad also increased overall, with passengers bringing in more spirits, and less milder beverages. The share of imported alcohol in total consumption was around 15% last year. Beer accounts for roughly half of all Finnish alcohol consumption,

Monday morning weather 

It’s a much cooler start again to the weather on Monday morning, with rain forecast in many parts of the country, and the temperatures struggling to make it into double digits at the start of the week.

Finnish Meteorological Institute forecast for Monday morning 27th May 2019 / Credit: FMI