Morning headlines: Monday 24th September 2018

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Finland on show at the United Nations

The United Nations General Assembly gets underway in New York this week, and Finland is represented by President Sauli Niinistö, Foreign Minister Timo Soini (Blue) and Minister for Development Anne-Mari Virolainen (NCP). The annual meeting is a chance for countries to set out their international priorities through speeches and networking, but with literally every country on the planet jockeying for attention, it can sometimes be tough for smaller countries like Finland to break through the noise. “At the UN you need to be consistent and build your ‘UN profile’ for many years in order to be a credible actor. A small country cannot choose too many priorities, and in my opinion, we haven’t” Virolainen tells News Now Finland. Read her full interview in our original story.

One dead, four injured in overnight crash

One man is dead and four other people injured after a road traffic accident in Liperi, eastern Finland. Police say a car collided with a van pulling a horse box on highway 9 near Joensuu in the early hours of Monday morning. The highway was closed for some time as rescue crews worked at the scene, but has now been opened again. Officers say they expect to release more information about the circumstances of the crash during the day on Monday.

Fire investigators start work at church

Fire investigators are starting work this morning to determine the cause of a blaze which burned down a 250-year old church in Kiihtelysvaara in eastern Finland. Police suspect the fire in the wooden building was started deliberately. Today, a specially trained fire dog joins the investigation and could be able to pinpoint the place where a fire started or if any accelerants were used to ignite the blaze.

President Sauli Niinist (L) and film director Spike Lee (R) meet on a flight to New York / Credit: TPKanslia Instagram

When Sauli met Spike

The President’s office have released a picture with Sauli Niinistö meeting film director Spike Lee. The encounter happened on a flight to New York: President Niinistö was heading to the UN General Assembly, while Spike Lee was heading home after a one day visit to Helsinki. The caption under the photograph said “talking of course about @jasperpaakkonen“. Spike Lee worked with the Finnish actor on their new film BlacKKKlansman, and Pääkkönen had brought Lee to Finland to show him around.


Monday morning weather

It’s a chilly start to the week in the south, with temperatures dipping below zero in Lahti and in the eastern border as well, although there’s bright sunshine in those areas, in the capital city region and in Turku and the south west as well. It’s single digits across the whole country this morning with increasing cloud cover along the Ostrobothnia coast, into central Finland and across Lapland as well, with some rain expected in the far north.

Finnish Meteorological Institute forecast for Monday morning 24th September 2018 / Credit: FMI