Morning headlines: Monday 23rd September 2019

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Finnish delegation heads to a changing United Nations 

President Sauli Niinistö heads to New York this week to attend the 74th annual United Nations General Assembly. Among the Finnish delegation joining him in the Big Apple are the Ministers of Environment; Foreign Affairs; and Development and Foreign Trade. Several ministers are in action already today at the UN Secretary General’s Climate and Sustainable Development Summit which will again call on countries to tighten their emission reduction commitments and draw up plans to be climate neutral by 2050. UN expert Richard Gowan says compared to just a few years ago, countries are working around American President Donald Trump, to join together and tackle important issues for them even if the USA is not that interested. Read more at our original story here.

Travel company collapses leaves Finnish holidaymakers stranded 

The collapse of British travel company Thomas Cook is having an impact on thousands of Finnish holidaymakers as well. Thomas Cook is the parent company of Finnish travel agency Tjäreborg, which has now canceled all Thomas Cook Scandinavia flights on Monday. At Helsinki Airport this morning, passengers waiting for holiday flights were told shortly before they were due to board that the trip had been canceled. The cancelations affect 525 outbound passengers on five charter flights from Finland on Monday. There’s almost 3000 Finns currently at their resorts, however holidaymakers are covered against the airline’s bankruptcy by legislation and anyone at a resort will be returned home at the end of their holiday on alternative flights.

PM says no change in Brexit policy

Prime Minister Antti Rinne (SDP) has told journalists there’s no official change in Finland’s Brexit policies, despite him saying last week in France that the UK had a deadline at the end of September to come up with new written proposals. Over the weekend, opposition MPs on Parliament’s Grand Committee issued a statement expressing their displeasure at Rinne seemingly speaking out of turn – in comments that were reported by media outlets throughout Europe. it was very unprofessional that he said what he said, because we thought that our basic line is the same, and now for some reason he gave this statement which is not what Finland’s policy is” says Jyväskylä MP Sinuhe Wallinheimo. Read more at our story here.

More Finnish medical students studying abroad 

The number of young Finns who choose to study medicine abroad is on the rise and the number has been growing in recent years. According to new statistics from the Medical Association in the academic year 2018-2019 more than a thousand Finnish students completed their medical degree abroad. Almost a third of them studied in Sweden, about 20% went to Latvia and 10% went to Estonia. Romania is another country that has increased in popularity in recent years as more than 10% of students who studied abroad for a medical degree graduated there.

Autumn equinox today 

Monday is the official day we change from summer to autumn, with the autumn equinox taking place. It marks the day when the sun moves from the northern half of the globe to the south, and day and night are about the same length everywhere on the planet. Autumn continues until the winter solstice in late December, with the days becoming shorter and shorter until that point. The next time the night and day will be equal length is in March – so we can all look forward to the spring solstice already!

Monday morning weather 

It’s a bright and sunny start to the week across most of the country today, although rather chilly already! Temperatures range from -3°C in Enontekiö to +4°C in the capital region on the south coast. Road surfaces might be slippery this morning in many places so be careful with the morning commute. The best of the sunshine is found in Inari; Kemi; across  Central Finland; the south east around Lappeenranta; Helsinki area; Turku and the south west; and up the Ostrobothnia coast to Vaasa.

Finnish Meteorological Institute forecast for Monday morning 23rd September 2019 / Credit: FMI