Morning Headlines: Monday 23rd April 2018

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Inside Finland’s New Political Movement

A new political movement launched over the weekend aims to increase transparency in Finnish political decision making, and empower voters to have more direct input in the process. The Movement Now Liike Nyt concept is being spearheaded by businessman, reality TV show host and MP Harry ‘Hjallis’ Harkimo; and former Social Democrat MP Mikael Jungner, who was also previously the managing director of state-funded broadcaster YLE, among others. The co-founders are funding the venture themselves, with Harkimo in charge. Movement Now stresses that it has no specific political affiliation, and doesn’t intend to become a political party in its own right. Instead, the founders share a mash-up of ideologies. Read more about the movement’s founders, their ideology and plans for the future at our original story here.

Overnight Fire Kills One In Kerava

An overnight fire in a Kerava apartment building has left one person dead. Officials say the alarm was raised just before 06:00 this morning to a building in the town’s Palopellonkatu. When rescue services arrived on the scene they encountered a ‘fierce’ fire. Around 30 people were evacuated from the building as flames and heavy smoke destroyed the apartment and threatened other homes in the building. Residents were allowed back about an hour later. This morning, police are investigating the cause of the fire.

Spring Floods Threaten Ostrobothnia Homes

In Southern Ostrobothia, water levels in Lake Kuortaneen threaten hundreds of nearby buildings. There are around 150 holiday homes, several permanent homes and 300 saunas or commercial buildings. There’s also a risk of flooding for smaller roads in the area. This is the highest water level recorded in the lake since 1939, and comes after a prolonged period of heavy snow during the late winter, followed by a rapidly warming spring in mid April.

Customs Busts Sweden Snus Smugglers

Finnish customs agents have arrested three people suspected of being involved in a smuggling ring to bring snus chewing tobacco from Sweden to Finland. Customs say around 1700kg of snus was brought early this year, and they seizes 334kg from a van coming over the border from Sweden to northern Finland. Snus was also confiscated in the capital city region, and a total of 10 separate smuggling cases are in the pre-trial investigation stage.

Defense Forces Play Cyber War Games 

Finnish Defence Foreces are taking part in a major international cyber defence exercise this week. The five day Locked Shields exercise starts today in Tallinn, although national teams work in their own country. Finland and Sweden have a joint training team involved in Locked Shields, which is the world’s largest technical cyber defence training exercise. Specialists are tasked with protecting critical infrastructure hubs such as electricity distribution and communications networks. The exercise is organised by NATO.

Monday Morning Weather

It’s a rather col start to the week across the whole country, punctuated with splashes of sunshine in a few lucky areas, according to the Finnish Meteorological Institute FMI. In the south, south west, and capital city region there’s a cloudy start with temperatures only rising up to +6C. The best sunshine comes in Central Finland around Jyväskylä, on the coast at Vaasa in and in the far north of Lapland.

Finnish Meteorology Institute forecast for Monday morning 23rd April / Credit: FMI