Morning headlines: Monday 22nd October 2018

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Finland hit by fresh industrial action

The country is waking up to fresh industrial action as tens of thousands of workers are on strike today, protesting against the government’s plans to make it easier for employers to cut staff. The Industrial Union Teollisuusliitto alone has 100,000 members taking part in the strike, impacting sectors from boat building, the chemical industry, mining and oil refineries; to the forestry industry, farming, textiles and garment industry, and even early morning newspaper deliveries. Meanwhile the Welfare Sector Union JHL strike will hit railways and the metro, deliveries and food supplies at supermarkets, health workers at hospitals and health centres, caretakers, cleaners and food service workers in schools. Parents in some regions are being told to give their children packed lunches as school canteens close. Government ministers have accused unions of taking the bread from the mouths of children; unions say essential services like food at care homes and home deliveries for the elderly will not be impacted. Read more at our original story here.

Police hunt after Joensuu stabbing

Police in Joensuu are looking for an attacker this morning after a weekend stabbing. It happened somewhere around 04:00 on Sunday morning in a stairwell of the city’s Sokos parking garage. Police say a 24-year old local man suffered serious injuries during the attack but aren’t releasing more information about him at this time. Anyone with information about the attack is urged to contact local police.

Kimi wins first F1 race in five years! 

Finnish Formula One racing star Kimi Räikkönen has one his first Grand Prix race in five years, taking the chequered flag in Austin. The Finn – who will move from Ferrari to race for Sauber next season – clocked his first win since 2013, capping a birthday week for the Espoo native. He beat Lewis Hamilton into third place, as the British driver searches for his fifth world championship title. Räikkönen said “finally” over his radio as he crossed the finish line ahead of the other drivers for the first time in 113 races. “It has been a great weekend. The car has been good all the time. Got a good start and needed to push hard” Räikkönen told journalists after his victory.

Monday morning weather

The week begins with high wind warnings for central and southern Finland, and cooler weather across the whole country. Expect some stormy conditions and rain with the possibility of wind damage in some areas due to a low pressure system. Temperatures in Lapland will hover around freezing at the start of Monday, and stay low through much of Finland, although they’ll hit double digits along the eastern border and in the capital city region.

Finnish Meteorological Institute forecast for Monday morning 22nd October 2018 / Credit: FMI