Morning Headlines: Monday 18th June 2018

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Restaurants Tackling Finland’s Plastic Pollution

Finnish restaurants and bars are looking at the problem of plastic pollution, to see whether they can cut down on single use plastics like straws, stirrers, lids and cutlery. It comes as France gets ready to end the use of such items by 2020, and even McDonland’s in the UK say they will stop using plastic straws by next year. However, McDonald’s in Finland isn’t make the move just yet. They will wait and see what happens in the UK first. Other Finnish restaurants like Hesburger are already making impressive efforts to cut down on plastic use; while Scandic and Radisson Blu hotel chains are following suit. Scientists say that while plastic pollution isn’t as bad in the Baltic Sea as in other parts of the world, it is still a serious issue when plastic ends up in the water, and makes its way to the food chain. Read more about how Finnish companies are tackling the plastic pollution problem in our original story here.

Finland’s International Weapons Exports Grow

Weapons and military hardware from Finland are being exported to more countries than ever before. That’s according to the Safer Globe annual report which found that Finnish arms are going to 77 different countries – the highest since Safer Globe began publishing data in 2002. Last year Finnish companies exported €184 million euros worth of military equipment, which is slightly less than in 2016, but higher than the 2002 – 2016 average. The Middle East is Finland’s largest market for weapons exports after the EU.

President’s Kultaranta Talks Continue

President Niinistö continues the last day of his Kultaranta discussions. The annual event brings together policy experts to talk about various different issues affecting Finland. On the agenda today the themes are the EU, the economy and the environment. Prime Minister Juha Sipilä (Centre), and European Commission Vice President Jyrki Katainen (NCP) are taking part today. The closing speech of the day will be given by United Nations Secretary General Anton Guterres, who will also have a one-on-one meeting with President Niinistö.

Court Case For ‘Forcible Kiss’ MP

A Finns Party MP who forcibly kissed a female MP after a drunken Christmas party will face sexual harassment charges in Helsinki District Court today. Teuvo Hakkarainen accosted Veera Ruoho, a National Coalition Party MP who had not been attending the same event, and kissed her against her will. Hakkarainen apologised for his drunken antics, and took time off from parliament to get help for alcohol addiction. He was stripped of his role as 2nd Vice Chair of the Finns Party as well.

Missing Ostrobothnia Man Found

An elderly man missing in Ostrobothnia for more than a day has been found safe and well. The 80-year-old was found on Sunday evening just before 22:00, and police say he is in good shape. Dozens of local residents volunteered to take part in the search for the missing man, joining police officers in their work.

Monday Morning Weather

It’s a mixed start to the weather for Monday morning, but generally hot across the whole country. In the inland south, the temperature is already +20C while in northern Lapland it’s +14C. There’s rain for some parts of Lapland and the chance of light showers in the capital city region as well. The brightest sunshine on Monday morning is found in Turku and the south west, and in north east Finland as well.



Finnish Meteorological Institute forecast for Monday morning 18th June 2018 / Credit: FMI