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Morning headlines: Monday 17th December 2018

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Northern rail link opens again

A section of railway lines between Rovaniemi and Kemijärvi is open again this morning after a fatal accident. Last Wednesday there was a crash at a level crossing in Palojärvi where a truck driver was killed when his vehicle collided with a train. The train driver was also injured and several of the front wagons were derailed in the incident. Now removal and repair work has been completed and the track is open again, but with a speed restriction which will stay in place until spring, according to the Finnish Transport Agency.

Report: Nearly half of all primary teachers experience bullying

A new study by the University of Eastern Finland finds that almost 50% of primary teachers in Finland say they’ve been bullied or subject to some sort of harassment. Researchers talked with 1265 primary school teachers and 37% said they’d been bullied in the workplace, while a further 9% said they’d experienced inappropriate behaviour. The most likely culprits are students, another teacher or a supervisor.

Snowmobiler found dead near Joensuu

Police say they’ve found the body of a missing snowmobiler in eastern Finland. The man from Liperi, near Joensuu, was reported missing by relatives on Sunday after failing to return from a snowmobile trip on a frozen lake. Rescue crews found the man’s body around 19:30 on Sunday evening and officials say they’re looking into the possibility that he had a medical condition, while they investigate the circumstances of his death.

President buys summer cottage property

Many Finns retreat to their summer cottages during the (usually brief) summer months of the year, and it seems President Niinistö is no exception. Tabloid newspaper Ilta-Sanomat reports this morning that he’s bought a plot of land in the west of Uusimaa with a property on it, for some €400,000. The mökki has two bedrooms, a living area, kitchen and bathroom with sauna. It had previously been used for holiday rentals at a price of €250 per day, according to the paper.

Monday morning weather

It’s a cold and snowy start to Monday morning across much of the country. Expect snow in the far north of Lapland, and down into the south and south west of the country: Helsinki and the capital city region, Tampere, Kauhajoki regions. The temperatures are below freezing everywhere, with the exception of Åland and Hanko but be ready for temperatures down to -10°C around Kuusamo, -8°C in Oulu and -4°C in Uusimaa. There’s warnings out this morning for poor driving conditions in the south west of the country as well.

Finnish Meteorological Institute forecast for Monday morning 17th December 2018 / Credit: FMI