Morning headlines: Monday 15th July 2019

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Early morning fire burns petrol station 

An early morning fire at a petrol station in Ostrobothnia has been successfully extinguished. Fire fighters got the call around 05:00 to the petrol station in Maalahti. When they arrived on the scene they found the café side of the structure on fire, and rescue crews worked to prevent the fire spreading even further in the roof of the building. It took two hours for crews to put the fire out around 07:00 this morning, and the cafeteria structure was badly damaged. There was no risk of the fuel tanks catching fire as they are underground and located a short distance from the burning building.

Report: Most Finns would support another EU country militarily 

The results of a new survey released this morning show that six out of ten Finns would support another EU country if it was threatened militarily. The poll was carried out jointly by three Finnish newspapers Verkkouutiset, Rural Future and the Swedish-language Hufvudstadsbladet. Support was particularly strong among supporters of the Swedish People’s Party (89%), National Coalition Party (87%), the Centre Party (75%), Social Democrats (74%) and the Greens (66%). Also in the survey 40% of Finns are in favour of providing the support simply because Finland might need help on a reciprocal basis. And 25% of those questioned said Finland should not get involved in any conflicts outside its own borders. The most negative segment was the Finns Party supporters who would be least willing to help another EU country in times of need, and at 54% the most strongly against being involved in any external conflict.

Foreign Minister briefs EU leaders on Africa 

Finnish Foreign Minister Pekka Haavisto (Green) is in Brussels today attending the EU’s Foreign Affairs Council meeting. On the agenda will be the situation in Iraq, Iran and the Central African Republic. Haavisto will also be briefing EU foreign ministers on Finland’s six-month Presidency of the European Council which began on 1st July and on his recent visit to Africa where he held talks with various parties involved in the political situation in Sudan after the country’s leader was ousted in a coup.

Finns have a reliance on science 

Trust in science is strong in Finland. A new survey from Wellcome Trust Foundation in Britain finds that more than nine of out ten Finns trust in scientists and science. That’s higher than the global average where seven out of 10 people put their confidence in science and scientists, and it varies from country to country. The country with the most confidence is Uzbekistan in Central Asia, but in Gabon Africa they had the lowest trust ratings. The survey asked more than 100,000 people.

Slower bilberry crop this year due to last year’s weather

The summer crop of bilberries in Finnish forests is taking a little longer to ripen than in previous years. Researchers at the Natural Resource Centre Luke say that the biggest impact on bilberry harvests is last year’s weather. Bilberries make flower buds the previous year and so the hot temperature and drought during summer 2018 likely had a damaging affect on the plants in the forests. At the beginning of July, Luke said the number of bilberry flowers was lower than average in four out of five forest areas being observed in the study, suggesting the weather last summer will have a big impact on this year’s harvest.

Monday morning weather 

There’s a mixed start to Monday morning weather, depending where in the country you are. Temperatures are mostly in double digits with some exceptions in Lapland. But already it’s +10C around Inari; +12C in Oulu; +14C in Jyväskylä; and +16C in the south. The best of the sunshine is in Central Finland this morning with some cloud cover in most other places. Expect some rain showers on the west coast north of Pori and also in the Kuopio area this morning.

Finnish Meteorological Institute forecast for Monday morning 15th July 2019 / Credit: FMI