Morning Headlines: Monday 13th November 2017

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Overnight Search for Silja Serenade Passenger

Search and rescue efforts were launched overnight to find a passenger who fell overboard from a passenger ferry in the Baltic Sea. The Silja Serenade raised the alarm around 02:00, when they informed Turku Maritime Rescue Centre of the incident. Three other nearby passenger ships were immediately advised of the search, and rescue services from Sweden and Finland were launched. However the search was unsuccessful, and called off four hours later at 06:00.

EU Foreign, Defence Ministers Meet

Foreign Ministers and Defence Ministers from EU countries are meeting in Brussels today. Finland will be represented by Timo Soini (Blue) and Jussi Niinistö (Blue). The Foreign Minister will be discussing the EU’s strategic communications, and relations between the European Union and Africa. They’ll also have a joined meeting with Defence Ministers. Meanwhile Defence Ministers will be unveiling a new plan for military cooperation between member states. Finland hopes for more cyber cooperation, a satellite project, and agreement on moving military equipment between participating countries. At least 20 EU countries are expected to get on board with the new military cooperation pact, but not the UK, Malta or Denmark.

City Politics: Vantaa & Tampere

Finland’s fourth largest city Vantaa decides on a new mayor today. Ten candidates applied for the job by the deadline to replace current Mayor Kari Nenonen when he retires in March 2018. Members of Vantaa City council get to vote for the new mayor this evening.

Meanwhile in Tampere, the city council is discussing the 2018 budget for the country’s third largest city. They’ll also be discussing the 2018 – 2021 financial plan and new legislative initiatives relating to the budget like income tax rate and real estate tax rates.

Music Awards

Finnish singer Alma has won an MTV Europe Music Award, as best Finnish act. The awards ceremony took place Sunday night in London, and in the Finnish category Alma was up against Evelina, Haloo Helsinki, Mikael Gabriel and Robin. In the last year, Kuopio native Alma has taken international charts by storm with her hit singles Karma, Chasing Highs, and Dye My Hair.

Monday Morning Weather

it’s a cold start to Monday across the whole country, according to the Finnish Meteorological Institute FMI. Anywhere south of Vaasa should see temperatures hovering just slightly above zero, with cloudy conditions and rain expected in many coastal areas. In the north, temperatures start the day a few degrees below zero with snow likely inland.