Morning headlines: Monday 13th May 2019

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Government negotiations: week 2

Negotiations to form a new coalition government enter week two, as political party representatives meet again at the House of the Estates in Helsinki to talk policy ideas. There’s some controversy around the negotiations as it emerged several new MPs are also on the pay roll of large lobbying companies like Miltton, leading to questions in the media and from opposition MPs about their impartiality, and whether it’s appropriate for lobbying companies to have such influence in government policy formulation.

Customs agents stop unauthorised device going to Iraq

Customs agents have revealed ongoing legal procedures over a piece of specialist equipment heading for Iraq. In December 2017 Tulli stopped a mass spectrometer device at Helsinki Airport, before it could be exported to Iraq. According to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs the device – used to measure the masses of isotopes, molecules, and molecular fragments – is ‘dual purpose’, meaning it can have both civilian and military uses. The consignment came from the USA to a Finnish company but without the required permissions for export to Iraq. The case is expected to be heard in the East Uusimaa Court this summer.

Fewer summer jobs available this year

There are fewer summer jobs available for seasonal workers this year, according to the trade union group SAK. According to a survey of their members 71% of companies plan to hire summer workers, that’s down from 74% in 2018. Most of the summer jobs are available in the public sector, with the fewest in transportation.

Referee blows the whistle on racism

Another Finnish referee has had to halt a football game after hearing racist chants from the sidelines. Referee Dennis Antamo was in charge of an Ykkönen division 1 game between MyPa and AC Kajaani on Saturday when he heard calls of “perkele neekeri” from spectators at an area where beer was being sold, during the first half. There are a number of minority-background players in the Kajaani side. MyPa later released a statement condemning racism and all forms of discrimination at the club. Referee Antamo says these incidents are rare in Finnish football. Read more at our story here.

Finland vs USA at ice hockey World Champs 

The Finnish men’s ice hockey team are off to a flying start at the World Championships, winning their opening game against Canada and hosts Slovakia. Tonight they take on USA in Kosice. America’s currently sitting in 4th place in Group A – with Finland in 1st place – after losing their opening match to Slovakia. The game starts at 17:15 Helsinki time this evening, but you can read more about the Finnish Lions’ opening weekend at the World Championships at our story here.

Monday morning weather

It’s a mixed start to the weather picture for Monday morning. There’s rain across Lapland, and the chance of a snow flurry around Kilpisjärvi in the north west of the region, where temperatures stay around +2C to +4C. Further south the rain eases up replaced by cloud, but the best of the sunshine this morning is in Jyväskylä and Central Finland. There’s sunshine peeking behind the clouds through Tampere and Pirkanmaa, Turku and the south west, Helsinki and the capital city region and into Lappeenranta and the south east as well. Temperature highs this morning up to +10C down the eastern border.

Finnish Meteorological Institute forecast for Monday morning 13th May 2019 / Credit: FMI