Morning headlines: Monday 11th February 2019

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Most Finns want to keep salaries secret 

More than two thirds of Finns don’t want their wage to be seen by their colleagues without their own consident. It’s of the findings of a new survey commissioned by the Confederation of Finnish Industries EK out this morning. Workers believe their rights would be infringed if their employer divulged the salar, and any moves towards compulsory transparency would be a breach of current rights. The survey was carried out as the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health is considering whether wage transparency could close the gender pay gap in Finland, and reduce wage discrimination. The Confederation of Trade Unions SAK wants to make wage transparency compulsory in the course of the next parliament.

Constitutional Committee gets provincial reform guidance

Parliament’s Constitutional Committee will receive a report today on whether the government’s plans for provincial, and social and health care reform is being undertaken in line with the Finnish constitution. The government wants to reduce the number of municipalities to streamline local services, although there is disagreement within the government’s three coalition parties about how to do this effectively. Planned new regional elections have already been pushed back as the reform bill stalled in parliamentary committees. In additional to issues with regional reform, politicians are bogged down in the social and health care reform, known as sote in Finnish, which has met with widespread opposition not just from opposition parties but also from within coalition MPs.

ICMI Weekend hockey for climate change

President Sauli Niinistö joined forces with some big names in ice hockey for a weekend game to highlight climate change. The Save Pond Hockey organisation wants people to think about the link between global warming and sports, and say they already notice the impact that warmer winters are having on the ability to play pond hockey or play on outdoor rinks in Finland. Read more about the initiative at our story here.

Monday morning weather 

It’s a mild start to the day in Lapland with plenty of cloud cover, some snow, and temperatures between -4°C and – 11°C. Moving further south, and it’s a very different weather picture across the rest of the country with temperatures mostly above freezing at the start of the week. Precipitation will fall as wet snow and there’s slush in many places on the roads as the accumulated snow and ice continues to melt. Watch out for dangerous driving conditions.

Finnish Meteorological Institute forecast for Monday morning 11th February 2019 / Credit: FMI