Morning headlines: Monday 10th December 2018

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Security assessment due today

The Finnish intelligence police SUPO is releasing its security assessment for the country this morning, looking at issues like the potential for terrorism. According to the latest information, SUPO tracks up to 350 people in Finland who have possible links to terrorist activities. After some incidents last week involving foreign-born men, the Finns Party has been trying to drum up support in parliament for a vote of no confidence in the way the government handles internal security, but failed to win the support of the largest opposition party the Social Democrats. In March, SUPO released its assessment of external threats, and found that country faces ongoing threats from cyber attacks as well as more traditional espionage activities and terrorism related to global events.

Trafi website still closed after data concerns

The website for the Finnish Transport Safety Agency Trafi is still closed today, after concerns about data protection. They’re looking into the legality of a service which lets anyone check drivers licenses by just putting in a name and getting access to the driving license details. On Sunday, Trafi tried to close its website temporarily, but information could still be obtained by searching in English via Google, so now the agency has completely closed the site while it investigates the issue of data privacy.

20% borrow money to pay bills

One-in-five people in Finland borrow money to pay their bills. That’s the findings of a new report by Intrum Group on consumer payment habits. The number of people borrowing money to pay bills hasn’t increased in the past year, but the amount of money being borrowed has – up 10% year-on-year from €612 to €674. The report finds the most common bills to borrow money for include mobile phones, medical expenses and rent. About a third of people said they borrow money from family members to pay bills.

Finland win floorball World Championships

The Finnish men’s floorball team has triumphed at the World Championships in Prague, their second world championship title in a row, beating Sweden 6-3. Floorball, known as salibandy in Finnish, is a sport like field hockey played on a hard surface with a small plastic ball. It’s especially popular in Nordic countries, and dominated by Finland and Sweden, the only two teams ever to have won a world title – in fact, over the last 12 world championships Finland and Sweden have contested the titled 10 of those times, and Finland only had to play two other teams before reaching the final this year as well. The next floorball world championships will be held in Finland in 2020. The team received a letter of congratulations from President Sauli Niinistö on Sunday night after their victory.

Monday morning weather

Yes, it’s December which means it’s dark. But it’s also not cold enough to be snowy or pretty outside, unless you live in Lapland. Across the north expect snow today, and temperatures down to -8°C this morning. The snow continues across central Finland but as the temperatures creep up, look out for rain or sleet making driving conditions dangerous. There’s more rain and sleet into Turku and the south west, and cloudy elsewhere with temperature highs of +4°C in Åland, +2°C in Helsinki and +1°C in Vaasa at the start of the week.

Finnish Meteorological Institute forecast for Monday morning 10th December 2018 / Credit: FMI