Morning headlines: Friday 8th May 2020

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Government to think again on restaurant rescue package

The Government is to reconsider its compensation package for restaurants, cafes and licensed premises after a chorus of complaints that the deal, unveiled just 24 hours before, is deeply flawed. The €123 million plan included an element worth €83 million to cover lost revenues during the time that businesses were legally obliged to close from early April until end of May. The amount each restaurant, cafe or bar could claim was calculated at 15% of the difference between their average January and February takings, and what they made in April. Centre Party ministers were the first to break cover and concede there’s a problem that needs to be looked at more closely. Minister of Finance Katri Kulmuni (Centre) tells News Now Finland in a statement that she appreciates many restaurants have low sales at the start of the year and that “these important issues will be taken into account in the parliamentary deliberations. “As many restaurants as possible will receive support” says Kulmuni. Read more here.

Fundraiser aims to provide meals for healthcare workers during Ramadan

A group of young Muslims in the capital city region has launched a fundraising initiative to provide hot meals for frontline healthcare workers. It’s a way to thank them for the hard work they’re doing during the coronavirus crisis, throughout the Muslim holy month of Ramadan and beyond. A gofundme page for the effort has so far raised more than €2,300 with a target of up to €10,000. “We want to give back to healthcare workers with a small gesture of gratitude for the work they are doing at this time” says Sara Salmani, one of the organisers. The efforts will start initially offering a hot meal to workers at the end of their shifts in Laakso and Malmi hospitals in Helsinki once during Ramadan, and then afterwards as well if more money is raised.  “This year because of coronavirus we can’t be together, but we can give” says Salmani. Read more at our original story here.

Coronavirus isolation caused anxiety for children

A new report out Friday from Save the Children Finland has been looking at the effects of coronavirus on children in several countries. More than 6,000 children and parents in Finland, German, USA, Spain and the UK took part in the study which finds that almost 25% of children have experienced anxiety during the pandemic – with school closures, limited social contact with their friends and isolation. And 65% of respondents said they suffer from boredom and a feeling of isolation. Save the Children notes that these type of situation can result in long-term mental difficulties for children including depression.

Woman found dead in burned out Kuopio home

The body of a woman has been found a detached home in Kuopio, which burned down on Wednesday afternoon. The discovery was made when the property was being cleared. According to a press release from Eastern Finland police one body was discovered in the ruins of the Kortejoki home. Police think it’s the woman who lived in the home, another person living there suffered serious burns in the fire and is being treated in Kuopio University Hospital. Although the fire was extinguished on Wednesday afternoon, police and rescue service personnel conducted an investigation at the scene on Thursday but the body of the woman was not found at that time. However later on Thursday firefighters on patrol in the street saw smoke coming from the burned building again and found the body in part of the property which had not yet been investigated.

Divorces increase, while marriage declines

The number of people who got divorced in Finland last year rose, while the number of people getting married fell – compared with the year before. New figures released Friday morning by Statistics Finland show that 13,365 marriages ended in divorce, an increase of nearly 200. Meanwhile the number of marriages fell by more than 1,500 between 2018 and 2019. Last year there were 21,920 mixed-gender marriages and 376 same-sex weddings. And if you’re still feeling romantic, Statistics Finland reveals that August is the most popular month for weddings – last summer there were 3,728 marriages that month.

Friday morning weather

It’s another largely bright and sunny start to the day, although clouds and then rain moves in from the west later today. However this morning sees temperatures ranging from -1°C in northwest Lapland to +5°C in OUlu, +6°C in Central Finland and Vaasa; up to +9°C down parts of the eastern border and the west coast this morning, and highs of +9°C as well for the capital city region.

Finnish Meteorological Institute forecast for Friday morning 8th May 2020 / Credit: FMI