Morning headlines: Friday 7th February 2020

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Conservative or progressive? Kokoomus airs its dirty laundry in public

A discussion within the National Coalition Party – known as Kokoomus in Finnish – hit the headlines this week, highlighting the divisions which exist between traditional conservatives and more progressive party members. Those divisions have always been there, but they were exacerbated by one MP who advocated for closer ties with the right wing populist Finns Party. Other Kokoomus heavy hitters came out in defence of liberalism, and said the Finns Party’s values were just fundamentally at odds with the National Coalition Party – but just how close are the two political families? “These traditional conservatives are definitely a minority in the parliamentary group, maybe five or a maximum of ten among 38 Members of Parliament” says Professor Professor Markku Jokisipilä from the Centre for Parliamentary Studies at the University of Turku. Read more of his political analysis about the ‘moderate right wing’ of Finnish politics at our original story here.

Border Guard rescues sinking trawler crew

The Finnish Border Guard has taken part in a mission to rescue the crew of a trawler which sank overnight in Estonian waters. A total of seven people needed to be rescued and a rescue boat from Porvoo and a helicopter from Helsinki were scrambled to join Estonian rescue services in saving the crew. The Estonian helicopter rescued five of the crew who were taken to Tallinn, while the two most seriously injured crew members were brought to Helsinki for hospital treatment.

Small majority support minimum hourly wage

A small majority of people 52% say they support the idea of a €10 minimum hourly wage in Finland. That’s the findings of a survey carried out by Uutissuomalainen newspaper. A quarter of people are opposed to the idea while 22% say they’re unsure. A total of 1000 people responded to a survey commissed by the newspaper between 22 and 26 January. According to the results the minimum hourly wage concept is supported by a majority of people in management positions, entrepreneurs and young people age 18 to 29.

Fox News says Tampere is Europe’s 8th deadliest city

American media outlet Fox News Channel says that Tampere is Europe’s eighth deadliest city. The conservative network notes that European cities are much safer than US cities when it comes to murders, but says that “Finland has some of the highest crime rates of the Nordic countries” )without offering any evidence to support this). The rankings are based on the number of murders per 100,000 people and rank Tampere ahead of Amsterdam and Budapest. Other cities making the Fox News ‘deadliest’ top 10 include Marseille in France; and Belfast in Northern Ireland. Read more at our story here.

Friday morning weather

It’s a cold start to Friday morning across the whole country, and cloudy skies as well. And temperatures warm up over the weekend. Across Lapland temperatures range from -10°C to -22°C with snow forecast for the far north west around Kilpisjärvi. In Oulu it’s -12°C this morning, and -12°C across Central Finland as well. Vaasa is one of the ‘warmest’ parts of the country at -4°C and there’s some snow forecast for parts of inland Ostrobothnia and also down the eastern border as well. The clearest skies are in the capital city region, with temperatures at -7°C in Helsinki, close to -9°C at the airport in Vantaa, and -11°C in Vihti.

Finnish Meteorological Institute forecast for Friday morning 7th February 2020