Morning headlines: Friday 5th October 2018

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Finnish aid workers arrive in Indonesia earthquake zone

Aid workers from Finland have arrived in Indonesia to help with relief efforts, a week after an earthquake and massive tsunami hit the city of Palu, on the island of Sulawesi. Now, Finnish experts from the Red Cross are joining Nordic colleagues to help coordinate some of the international aid efforts which have started to pour into the region. “Our logistics team of four people has been set up to coordinate the international logistic operations with three Danish Red Cross members” says the Finnish Red Cross’s Noora Kero. At least 1200 people were killed in the 7.5 magnitude quake and the tsunami wave which came after.

Trade Unions meet to discuss response

The Finnish Confederation of Trade Unions SAK will meet in Helsinki today to figure out what their next move is, in response to the government’s plan to make it easier for employers in smaller businesses to fire workers. Originally, the government wanted to relax the rules for companies with up to 20 employees; but then backtracked and decreased the number to 10 employees. A one day strike by tens of thousands of union workers on Wednesday may have had an impact. But SAK members insist that the whole proposal should be taken off the table. But still, auto workers will launch an overtime ban from Monday, increasing union pressure on the government.

First ski resort opens for winter season

Ski season is officially here, as Ruka ski resort opens for skiers today. Last year was the earliest the resort had opened, so this year sets a new record. Two of the resort’s runs are open for business, and they’re using snow that was saved over from last winter to make it all possible. “Last May we set the snow up into piles and covered it with hear-repellent material, and now we’ve spread it over two slopes” says Matti Parviainen, Ruka Operations Director.

Friday morning weather

It’s a grim start to Friday for pretty much all parts of the country. In Lapland, temperatures dip below freezing and there’s lots of cloud cover. Moving further south, there’s sleet forecast for the Kemi region and rain down through Ostrobothnia as well. The rain continues in the capital city region, with fog on parts of the eastern border. There’s a chance of wet snow in central Finland and for Kuusamo as well. The best of the temperatures are in the south around +10°C, but much colder elsewhere on Friday morning with strong winds blowing in from the Gulf of Ostrobothnia as well.

Finnish Meteorological Institute forecast for Friday morning 5th October 2018 / Credit: FMI