Morning headlines: Friday 4th January 2018

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Norway decision on search for missing climbers

Search and rescue crews in northern Norway will consider this morning if weather conditions make it safe for them to continue their search for three Finnish men and a Swedish woman missing since Wednesday. The four were last seen as they attempted to get to the top of Blåbärfjellet near Tromsø but there have been several avalanches in the area and the risk has been too high for rescue teams to be out on the mountain at all times. On Thursday night both ambulance and military helicopter had to turn back due to the bad weather so there will be another assessment this morning.

Rwandan convicted of genocide stays in jail

The Court of Appeal in Helsinki has this morning rejected an appeal for release from a man convicted of involvement in the Rwanda genocide. In 2012 Francois Bazaramba received a life sentence in a Finnish court – in the first ruling of its type in Finland – for participating in the genocide. He was found guilty of ordering the deaths of a number of people, and leading attacks to burn homes, and spread propaganda. In 1994 at least 800,000 Hutus and Tutsis were killed in Rwanda.

Finland’s Junior World semi finals

Finland’s u20 ice hockey team take on Switerland this evening in Canada, in the semi finals of the Junior World Championships. The young Lions knocked out the hosts on their way to this game, but the Swiss had an equally impressive game sending Sweden packing. The winner of tonight’s game gets themselves a place in the final with a guarantee of at least a silver medal – and they’ll face either USA or Russia who are playing in the other semi.

Friday morning weather

The extreme cold temperatures of Thursday are gone on Friday morning although there’s still low temperatures below freeze for most of the country, except down the Ostrobothnia coast and into Åland, Turku and the south west. There’s snow for eastern border areas and into central Finland as well, but fog forecast for parts of the centre of the country too. Temperatures in Lapland start the day as low as -14°C and it’s -13°C in the south east as well. Meanwhile Helsinki and the capital city region will have temperatures just below freezing with the chance of sleet mixed in with the wet snow at times.

Finnish Meteorological Institute forecast for Friday morning 4th January 2019 / Credit: FMI