Morning headlines: Friday 3rd July 2020

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Finns relaxing their own coronavirus restrictions

Two surveys have highlighted how Finns are relaxing their own personal coronavirus restrictions as the epidemic fades in Finland. A new survey by the Confederation of Finnish Industries found that at the end of June some 44% of people said they restricted physical contact with friends in their free time, during the coronavirus crisis. That’s down considerably from 68% who responded to the same question in May. Answering another question in the survey at the end of June 91% of people said they trust that they’re not in danger from coronavirus in their daily lives, while a month before at the end of May number was 81%. The poll found there was a small return of confidence in the country’s economy with 35% of people said they trusted the economy in the near future, up from 27% previously.

More landlords demanding a rent guarantor 

An increasing number of landlords in Finland are demanding a personal rent guarantor, to take responsibility for any financial problems with tenants. Uutissuomalainen newspaper group reports that these rent guarantors are becoming more common for private landlords, especially if a potential tenant has a poor credit history. However consumer adovcates are critical of the trend, with the Consumers and Tenants Association saying it puts people in an unequal position – and they’re advising people to look first for places to rent which don’t demand this guarantor as part of the contract.

Six hospitals had less than a thousand births in 2019

Six hospitals around the country registered less than a thousand births during 2019 – a limit set a few years before for a hospital to offer obstetrics services. New figures released by the Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare show that around every third child in Finland is born in the Helsinki and Uusimaa Hospital District and the size of hospitals varies greatly: the highest number of births was at Women’s Hospital in Helsinki with 8,500 while Mariehamn Hospital in Åland had just 252 births.

Timo Soini considering a new political party?

Veteran politician Timo Soini, who lead the Finns Party to become a major force in the Finnish political scene, who was a founding member of Blue Future party and served as foreign minister, says he’s considering whether to start a new political party. In response to media reports that he might have something in the works, Soini tells News Now Finland “you never know.” “Our current government is simply useless, Kokoomus toothless and the Finns Party merciless. I am tempted. I know how to play the game” says Soini, citing European Parliament election success of Nigel Farage’s Brexit Party in the UK as his inspiration. Soini says that people want “work, bread, family and security not cold capitalism or red-green mumbojumbo.”

Friday morning weather

It’s a cooler start to the day on Friday, but scattered rain showers have moved further to the north leaving more areas of dry weather for the rest of the country – and the best of the sunshine this morning in Uuismaa. Temperatures range from +10°C in northwest Lapland where there’s also clear skies and sunshine, to +13°C down the west coast, +15°C in central areas, +16°C down the eastern border where there’s a chance too for rainfall, and +17°C this morning for the capital city region. Over the weekend expect more rain to move in to most parts of Finland.

Finnish Meteorological Institute forecast for Friday morning 3rd July 2020 / Credit: FMI