Morning headlines: Friday 30th November 2018

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Finland & Estonia meeting over Tallinn tunnel future

Minister of Transport Anne Berner (Centre) and Estonia’s Minister of Economic Affairs and Infrastructure Kadri Simson are meeting today in Helsinki to discuss a possible tunnel under the Baltic Sea linking the two capitals. Helsinki Mayor Jan Vapaavuori (NCP) and Tallinn Mayor Andrej Novikov will also be attending. The two national governments have been working on a plan for several years to look at the feasibility of building a rail link, but that idea has been overshadowed by Finnish entrepreneur Peter Vesterbacka who is moving ahead with his €15 billion plan to link Helsinki airport with Tallinn airport by high speed rail link, with a tunnel the whole way underground. Officials told News Now Finland recently that obviously both projects cannot go ahead, so ultimately there will need to be a melding of both proposals. Read more at our original story here.

Minister urges vaccinations after measles scare

Health and Social Affairs Minister Annika Saarikko (Centre) is urging parents to make sure their children are vaccinated against measles. It comes after health authorities in Ostrobothnia were alerted to a case of measles in a young child who was not vaccinated, and likely picked up the infection abroad. Now, the possible outbreak is being mapped by staff at Kokkola hospital who are tracking other children who may have come into contact with the infected child. Minister Saarikko notes on twitter that the area where the child comes from has a low rate of vaccinations for children. Finnish media have said the child comes from a religious Laestadian family.

Scientists head for Antarctic mission

A team of Finnish scientists is heading to Antarctica for the winter – summer in the southern hemisphere – to live in one of the world’s most remote place and carry out science experiments. Finnish expeditions to Antarctica began 30 years ago, when the first scientists set up a research station at Queen Maud Land. There’s ten people taking part in this latest expedition including a mechanic and a doctor as well as researchers. They’ll be conducting meteorological surveys. The team’s base has weather stations, earth and ice quake sensors, and equipment to measure snow and ice properties. They’ll return to Finland next February.

Laine scores NHL 100th

Ice hockey star Patrick Laine has hit the back of the net for the 100th time in his NHL career. The 20-year old made the milestone last night for Winnipeg against Chicago in less than two minutes. In Finland Laine played for Tappara, and was drafted to the NHL as a second overall pick in 2016.

Blooming: the first Finnish garden grows in London

The prestigious Chelsea Flower Show in London has been a summer highlight for more than a hundred years. But so far there’s never been a garden from Finland. Next year, that will change. The ‘Roots in Finland‘ garden will be a 9m x 6m space to showcase the best of Finnish meadow plants and wildlife designed by horticulturalist Taina Suonio. The garden is sponsored by Kyrö Distillery, the Finnish Embassy in London, and a local stone company providing chunks of granite. “My main message is it’s even more important now than ever that we realise we can bring the nature into the cities” says Suonio. Read more about the garden in our story here.

Friday morning weather

It’s a stormy start to Friday morning in coastal areas, with a storm warning in place and high seas expected. It’s going to be a cloudy and rainy day, with scattered showers across the country especially in the east. In the west of Finland the rain is mainly coming this morning – mixed with sleet and some snow as well. Beware of tricky road conditions in the north and east. Temperatures this morning range from -2°C in north west Lapland to +4°C in Åland and the south west.


Finnish Meteorological Institute forecast for Friday morning 30th November 2018 / Credit: FMI