Morning headlines: Friday 30th August 2019

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Finnish Foreign Minister warns of “nightmare the day after Brexit” 

Finland’s Foreign Minister Pekka Haavisto (Green) has warned of the “nightmare the day after Brexit” as the clock counts down to Britain’s departure from the European Union on 31st October. Speaking this week before British Prime Minister Boris Johnson sought the approval of Queen Elizabeth to suspend Parliament from mid-September, Haavisto said he was particularly worried about the economic damage that awaits both UK and EU countries if the UK crashed out of the European Union without a deal. “We don’t know if the trucks can move and we don’t know if people can move, if the goods can move, what’s happening with our investments, our companies working in UK, UK companies working in Europe” Haavisto tells News Now Finland. Read more at our original story here.

EU Foreign Ministers continue Helsinki meeting

Foreign Ministers from 28 EU countries continue their ‘Gymnich’ meeting in Helsinki today. On the agenda they’ll be discussing the situation in the Middle East, hybrid threats, the Arctic and the wildfires in the Amazon rainforest. Over lunch ministers will get the chance to meet with international human rights defenders to hear their stories. Police in Helsinki have warned of traffic problems during the meeting – especially this afternoon as ministerial motorcades leave the Finlandia Hall area and drive back towards the airport. There will be some road closures in the city, and expect delays on the airport road. The area around Finlandia Hall is closed to pedestrians and cyclists as well.

Few Finns willing to pay more for food to reduce emissions 

Only 1-in-10 Finns is willing to pay more for food to reduce climate change emissions. That’s the results of a survey conducted for Rural Future newspaper this morning. The least likely to want to pay a surcharge for food were middle aged people and low income people. Young people were the most likely to say they don’t mind paying extra. More than 1-in-3 Finns would pay extra for travel if it reduces emissions; and around 20% would be willing to pay more for fuel. People living in rural areas are willing to pay more for travel, but not fuel; and it’s the opposite way round for people living in the capital city region. The survey was carried out by Kantar TNS in early August and 1094 Finns were interviewed.

Eurojackpot party in Siilijärvi 

A thousand people will enjoy free coffee, cake and soft drinks at the K-Supermarket in Siilijärvi where Finland’s biggest ever winning lottery ticket was sold. The event is being put on by state gambling company Veikkaus, and celebrates the 50 new millionaires in Siilijärvi who scooped the €92 million Eurojackpot win in last Friday’s draw. The winners get a lump sum of their winnings, with the tax already paid by Veikkaus.

Friday morning weather 

It’s a foggy, rainy and cloudy start to Friday morning for many parts in the south of Finland and the precipitation moves from the south and west towards eastern and north west areas as the day moves on. Temperatures are a little cooler due to the rain at first but rebound in the afternoon with highs around +20C in many places with summery weather back for the weekend.

Finnish Meteorological Institute forecast for Friday morning 30th August 2019 / Credit: FMI