Morning headlines: Friday 29th March 2019

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President Niinistö set to sign Brexit law today

Despite ongoing chaos in Britain about leaving the EU – there will be another vote today but who knows what that even means any more – Finnish President Sauli Niinistö is expected to sign into law a new piece of Brexit-related legislation. The new act will guarantee the rights of British nationals in Finland to continue living and working here until the end of 2020 with exactly the same rights and benefits as they have now, no matter if Brexit happens with a deal, or without a deal. The government proposed the new special act earlier this year and submitted it on Thursday to the office of the President.

Politician apologises for threat to Laura Huhtasaari

A National Coalition Party politician in Pori has mady a public apology for threatening to burn down the family home of Laura Huhtasaari, the Finns Party deputy leader. Tero Niskanen has also resigned from his party after police in south west Finland announced they were starting a pre-trial investigation into the threats, which Niskanen said he phoned in to the emergency centre while he was drunk. He claims he acted impulsively after getting frustrated about a new election campaign video which the Finns Party released this week, which has been widely criticised by politicians, the media and rights groups for stoking racist sentiments.

Fewer young candidates in this year’s election

In this year’s parliamentary elections, the proportion of younger candidates among all the candidates is lower than it was at the last election. That’s according to a study by Keskisuomalainen newspaper this morning. This year some 19.5% of all candidates are aged between 18 and 34. However, at the 2015 general election almost 25% of candidates for parliament fell into this age category. In 2015 as well 17% of candidates who got elected to parliament were under 35 – much more than the two elections before that when it was around 13%.

Children’s weekly allowance 

How much money do Finnish children receive as a weekly allowance from their parents? A survey from Danske Bank found that for kids between 8-14 the average pocket money is €6.35 per week. Receipt of the money is often linked to doing homework or household chores, and 60% of Finnish parents say the goal of the weekly allowance is to teach their child to work for money, while 43% say it’s to help them become more financially responsible from an early age. Only 7% of parents give the money without expecting any homework or chores in return – the most common chores according to the survey are cleaning their bedrooms, taking care of pets and helping with household tasks.

Friday morning weather

It’s a bright and (relatively) warm start to Friday morning in most places around the country. Temperatures are certainly higher than we’ve seen so far this year, with the forecast predicting up to +10C in some places over the weekend. It’s already +7C in Oulu this morning, +5C in Jyvaskyla and Central Finland, +7C in Åland, +4C in the capital city region. There are some chilly spots below freezing inland in the south, and in the far north west of the country – with some snow flurries still likely around Kilpisjärvi on the Norwegian border.

Finnish Meteorological Institute forecast for Friday morning 29th March 2019 / Credit: FMI