Morning headlines: Friday 26th October 2018

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Snowy conditions cause accidents, road delays

Overnight snow in central Finland has caused dangerous conditions and accidents on Highway 9 between Jyväskylä and Jämsä. There’s been heavy overnight snow and at Saakoski, several trucks are stuck and cars have to detour around them, slowing up traffic flow and causing delays. Police say so far there are no reports of injuries. In some places between 20cm and 30cm of snow has fallen during the night and police say motorists should already switch to winter tyres.

Unions set to give government response

Some of Finland’s biggest unions are set to give the government their official response today, to the latest set of proposals to de-escalate an ongoing conflict. The dispute over new plans to make it easier for small companies to fire employees, has lead to tens of thousands of workers staging industrial action in recent weeks. On Thursday evening, the government put forward some new proposals that they hope unions can agree on. Read more about the latest offer here.

70,000 people missing correct bank info for tax returns

Some 70,000 people haven’t informed tax authorities of their correct bank account details, and it will mean you won’t get a timely tax refund if you’re due one this year. Your bank account details need to be sent to Vero by 11th November in time to get any tax refund on 11th December. If you don’t give the correct details you’ll have to wait to get any refund and pay a service charge as well. Last year 3.6 million personal customers got tax refunds from the state, totaling €2.9 billion, so it pays to provide the correct bank details.

Overnight blackout hits 10,000 homes

An overnight electricity blackout in Helsinki hit 10,000 homes in Helsinki’s Meilahti area. According to the Helen electricity company the power cut started before midnight but did not affect the Meilahti hospital. Power was out for more than an hour but restored shortly after midnight.

Friday morning weather

There’s winter weather warnings in place for many parts of the country, and dangerous driving warnings in force as well. Central Finland saw up to 30cm of overnight snow fall and temperatures are cold throughout the country at the start of Friday morning.

Finnish Meteorological Institute forecast for Friday morning 26th October 2018 / Credit: FMI