Morning headlines: Friday 26th April 2019

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SAS strike impacts Finland flights 

A strike by pilots at SAS airline in Sweden means four flights between Finland and Sweden are canceled today. Late on Thursday pilots unions rejected an offer from employers but talks continued until the early hours of this morning. Talks are also continuing in Norway and Denmark with SAS pilots but so far there’s no strike affecting flights to those destinations. While morning flights between Helsinki and Stockholm should operate as normal the airline urges passengers to check their website about any SAS flights today.

Thieves target electric bikes

The number of bikes stolen in Finland last year – a perennial summer problem – actually decreased slightly. Insurance companies say 16,900 bikes were reported stolen during 2018, compared with 17,700 the year before. For the first time, insurance companies charted thefts of electric bikes which are becoming more and more popular with Finnish cyclists. Some 2% of all thefts in 2018 involved electric bikes, with the most expensive model stolen costing nearly €6500.

Finnish e-prescriptions soon valid in Croatia 

For Finns traveling on holiday this summer, e-prescriptions issued by doctors at home wlil soon be valid in Croatia. Earlier this year the e-prescription scheme was extended to neighbouring Estonia and is being rolled out slowly to other EU countries with Croatia likely to be the first country where you can claim medicine at a pharmacy, based on a prescription written by doctors in Finland. Kela says that the system will be up and running in Croatia in a few weeks, but not quite in time for the start of the summer tourist season.

Linnanmäki amusement park opens today 

You know it’s summer in Finland when… the famed Linnanmäki amusement park in Helsinki opens its doors. The first thrill-seekers can already use the rides on Friday afternoon, however the star attraction of the summer won’t be open until 18th June. A brand new roller coaster ride, more than 1km long with top speeds of 100kmph will be ready just before Midsummer. Each year since it opened in 1950, Linnanmäki raises funds for children’s charities and this year the fundraising goal is €4.5 million.

Friday morning weather 

The best of the sunshine and the warmest temperatures are in the north today. The hottest spot in the country again will be Vaasa, where the mercury hit +22.5C on Thursday. The warm weather extends through Ostrobothnia and into Central Finland today where some places will see temperatures close to +20C. It’s much cooler in the south, capital city region and south west where cloud cover will make it feel chilly at times with the chance of some light rain showers as well during the day, as a rain front moves west to east arriving in Kotka later today.

Finnish Meteorological Institute forecast for Friday morning 26th April 2019 / Credit: FMI