Morning Headlines: Friday 25th May 2018

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Newspaper’s Romani Stunt Called “A Racist Ego Trip”

A Turku newspaper’s decision to give a brownface makeover to a white journalist so he could pretend to be Romani, has been called “a racist ego trip” by the Finnish Journalist Union. The newspaper published the story on Wednesday morning, to try and highlight instances of everyday racism that Romani people in Finland can experience. However, the newspaper’s editor in chief says he wouldn’t sanction such a story again, and realises it wasn’t appropriate. Voices from within Finland’s 10,000-strong Roma community say the stunt was given the green light because there’s not enough minority journalists working in Finnish media organisations, and journalists don’t always understand how to approach issues of race and ethnic minorities. Read more at our original story here.

German Foreign Ministers Meet In Helsinki

Germany’s Foreign Minister Heiko Maas will pay his first visit to Finland today, for bilateral talks with his Finnish counterpart Timo Soni (Blue). On the agenda according to the government are bilateral relations, cooperation between the EU and NATO, transatlantic relations and other EU matters. The German minister will also meet President Sauli Niinist√∂, and give a speech at the Foreign Ministry’s 100th anniversary celebrations today at Finlandia Hall. A planned meeting of Nordic Foreign Ministers which was also scheduled to take place today has been canceled, according to the Foreign Ministry.

Top School Grades Revealed Today

Which Finnish schools get the best grades? The answer will be revealed today, as results from spring exams are announced. Traditionally, the best results have been in the capital city region, with schools like South Tapiola High School ‘Etis’ or Helsinki’s Ressu High School ranked among the best in the country. Some small schools in remote areas with only a couple of graduating seniors have also been near the top of the list in recent years. This spring, around 27,000 students will graduate with their high school diplomas.

Summer Strawberries Read For Juhannus

An exceptionally dry and warm spring is helping Finnish farmers. Strawberries in particular are already starting to ripen in the fields at the beginning of June and the Finnish Fruit & Berry Growers Union says we can expect them in shops and on market stalls by Midsummer. However, farmers caution that soft fruit needs water as well as sunshine, and so rain would also be good for the crops. Read more about Finland’s strawberry harvests in our original story here.

Museum Of The Year

Espoo’s Museum of Modern Art EMMA has been crowned Finland’s Museum of the Year for 2018. The prize was awarded at a ceremony in Vaasa on Thursday evening. The Aine Art Museum in Tornio received a special mention, as did the Finnish Public Museum and the National Museum of Finland. The top prize goes to a museum that has contributed significantly to the social visibility and impact with the museum sector.

Friday Morning Weather

It’s a warm and sunny start to Friday for the southern half of the country, while the northern part from Oulu into Lapland will start the day cooler and cloudy. Central Lapland has a chance of rain showers as the day moves on. The Finnish Meteorological Institute has issued a forest fire warning for most of the country, except for northern parts of Lapland.

Finnish Meteorological Institute Forecast for Friday morning 25th May 2018 / Credit: FMI