Morning Headlines: Friday 23rd March 2018

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PM Continues At EU Summit

Prime Minister Siplä continues his second day at a European Union summit in Brussels with other leaders. Today, they’ll discuss reform of the euro and Brexit. One objective is to make progress in trade negotiations with Britain, and find ways to continue cooperation especially on security matters. It comes after the 28 leaders agreed that Russia is most likely responsible for a nerve agent attack in England earlier this month which left a Russian double agent, his daughter, and a policeman in hospital.

Finland & Sweden Hold Back On Russian Diplomat Decisions

Another development from the EU summit in Brussels – both Finland and Sweden say they won’t take any hasty decisions to expel Russian diplomats in the wake of the nerve agent attack in England. According to some media reports Poland, France and the Baltic States are considering showing solidarity with Britain by kicking out Russian spies based at the embassy in their capitals. But Prime Minister Sipilä says Finland needs to think about the next steps, and Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Löfven also said it’s to early to take a stand.

Rise In Police Tips After Turku Attack

Finnish police saw a spike in the number of tips on radical behviour in the wake of the Turku mass stabbing rampage last August. This morning, Lännen Media group reports that police received more than a thousand new tips in the last half of the year – with police taking some sort of investigative action on every third tip-off they got. Inspector Timo Lilpeläinen says those actions could include simply checking out the lead – which could include several tips from the same person – or even initiating a pre-trial investigation if warranted. In 2016 the police received a total of 1400 tips about terrorism or violent extremism throughout the year.

Helsinki Police Warn Of Scammers

Police in Helsinki are investigating a rash of cases where elderly people have been cheated out of money or jewelry by con artists. Officers say several men and women are suspected of being behind the scams, and the victims in the Helsinki region are aged between 70 and 95 years old. Police say the suspects have approached the elderly people in shopping centres or their local neighbourhoods, and given pretexts to get them to their homes. Excuses have been about health care, social worker, bank worker or taxi driver, and when they gain entry to the homes, have robbed the elderly victims of cash or valuable items.

Finnish ‘Oscars’ For Film World Tonigh

The Finnish film industry celebrates its most glittering night of the year as the ‘Jussi’ awards are given out. They’re the Finnish equivalent of the Oscars. But this year’s event has been overshadowed by new accusations of bullying by a multi-nominated directorOn Monday, several female actors who have worked with director Aki Louhimies say he used bullying tactics and humiliation on set during filming. Louhimies is nominated for three Jussi awards including best director. His film, The Unknown Solider, is nominated for ten awards, and is the highest-grossing Finnish domestic film of all time.

Friday Morning Weather

It’s a clear bright start to Friday for much of the country according to the Finnish Meteorological Institute FMI. The capital city region is an exception to that rule, with cloud this morning and temperatures at -4°C. The west coast from Turku to Vaasa will have sunshine, blue skies and temperatures down to -9°C. Meanwhile in Central Finland there’s some snow in the forecast, the same with the south east as well. If you live further north than Jyväskylä, and all the way up into Lapland, there’s mostly sunshine but also some cloud and snow mixed in several areas. Temperatures in the far north dip down to -18°C this morning.